Show-Me State Championships-St. Louis, Missouri-TBA

OK, for years iv wanted to have another Missouri championships. This tourny will be console since this has become THE STANDARD. Sticks will be provided though i still would reccomend bringing your own. Any help with TVs/Consoles/Games would be greatly appreciated. Give me some feed back on what games you would like to see.

I plan on running Mvc2(dreamcast) 3s(playstation) Cvs2(playstation) ST(playstation) for sure, any other suggestions will be noted. There should be a game here for everone in missouri, show your state pride and come out and compete to see who the best realy is.

Post if you think you would be able to make it, along with what date would be best. After i gather information for a week or two ill decide on a date and the tourny will be set. Any questions, comments, concerns, post away.

And to my fellow missourians, do your civic duty, show up to represent your city, its been a while.

Must run GG. It attracts quite a crowd and it seems the majority of midwest is 3s/GG/MvC2.

How about a random game like Jojos or HnK? Even Melty Blood lol and i think arcana hearts will be out then too.

any tentative dates?

Puzzle Fighter fool

Also, VF5 if you get enough 3D heads.

Right now im shooting for December 15-16. I might push back to past new years…im gonna check what else is out there and then come to a consense(sp).

Keep in mind that college kids have finals around that time, so you don’t want to make it too early in December.

Now that’s real talk.

Both those games sound solid, I would definitely enter VF5.

I also think that the tournament should be held in early January since I have a feeling quite a few people will be going to NEC the 1st and 2nd of December.

With all the advice given, i made a new thread with a new date…

The link is

The link is broke.

Yeah link no worky.

I think a random game tourny would be the shit.

I got lotta random dreamcast games (Fighting Vipers 2 LOL).

Hey Rex, GL w/ the tourney –
Cle is a damn drive from STL, so aside from Evo it’ll probably be MW Challenge (if it’s console, lol, so prob not) or the next Indy tourney before we can rematch. Hopefully the Indy guys will do another one in a few months.

im down lets do this…GO GO GO!

I’d also like to see GG, and then maybe even T5:DR although I’m just starting to learn it.

Let this thread die, i was too over zealous with this.
I need to talk to some people first, iron out the details(rules, games, times, which location, etc) with some of the people im going to be relying on to help run this thing. Especialy since we have ambasadors for many different games. Nick for capcom, aaron for guilty, and some of the tekken guys for tekken(why i didn’t do this before is beyond me).

Another will get posted up when things are finalized(prolly by nick or aaron since it will garner more attention and eliminate the threat of me pissing someone off). I need to go over way to many details to post a thread anytime soon, i was more taking the temperature of the water.

I feel now is a better time to run a tourny here than ever, and i want to make it great. With nick and aaron’s recent tourny wins and places, the fact that tekken is now included in most street fighter tournys, and the continuing rise in the popularity(or at least “acceptability”) make stl a pretty decent place to hold a tourny.

I also want to take my time and make this thing great. Im gonna get as much advice as possible, do alot of research, learn bracketology, and come up with some extra tv’s(i can actualy think of about 4 right off the top of my head i could get) as well as consoles though thats much more easily borrowed.

Soon ill start scouting venues for prices, i already have a place in mind…its right by where my old apt was and is realy new, its a convention center that doesnt get booked too often, also on the side of Interstate 70 which is nice. If i can find a place for under $300 then we will run it with no cover charge.

Check back in a month or so.

lets run one in champaign (its a little better buffer zone) :slight_smile:

is the new thread up? i think i want to come to this, but working retail means taking off in dec is hard to impossible. january is better. i asked nki for a few games of st if i show up at a st.louis tourny, and he said no problem.

forgive my chid like typing, im posting from my phone