Show off your Costumes Thread

I wanna see some costumes peeps ! Screen Cap that stuff on your Ps3 and lets get this topic flowin’ !

here are mine :

Zafina ( 1st main ) :

Dragunov ( 2nd main ) :

Lee ( 3rd main ) :

my SC Bob lol :

alright your turn , go go go !

Very well then.

Leo is my main, and I choose for my Leo to be male, so:

Alisa and Heihachi are my 1st alternates:

Hehachi (I wish the kis were a bit brighter and more noticable):

nice costumes I didnt know dragunuv had that types of coat Ill have to go customize him again

here are some SS of some of my custom chars:

disclamer: pics are 1.3mp cellphone pics of non-hd tv from X-Box version.
view at your own risk! :sweat:

Anna 1p: (Hollywood Anna)
Anna 2p: (Army Anna)

Bob 1p: (Made Bob look like my friend irl :rofl:)

Bruce 1p: (Intellectual Bruce)

Eddy 1p:

Jin 1p: (Emperor Jin)
Jin 2p: or (alt. view) (Intro Biker Jin)

D.Jin 2p: (Biker Jin after an accident :rofl:)

Marduk 1p:

Nina 1p: (Tekken 4 version)
Nina 2p: Tekken 2 version)

Paul 1p: (Tekken 4ish Paul)

Raven 1p: (Matrix-esque)

Main(s) :

Anna :
- AnnaP1-1

Armor King




Nina : edit



Bruce (my Main):

Bryan (my Secondary):

Lili (just for the lolz):

Here’s my Alisa. Kinda simple, but I like it. What I don’t like is that she doesn’t have any cute skirts outside of her defaults.

My P2 A King looks similar, different pants. I gotta take some screens

Hot Secretary Lili
Kamen Rider Bob
Rufus (SF4)
God of Gamblers-inspired Steve
God of Gamblers-inspired Heihachi
John Rambo
Devil May Cry Dante
Sean Kingston

I jsut realized some of my links are backwards or the wrong person lol , goes and edits them.

ling xiaoyu moon walker

These three are awesome. Nice job. :tup:

Cloud Strife
Lili Pippi Longstocking
Alisa Pippi Longstocking
My Current Asuka 1
My Current Asuka 2

I just saw this movie the other day and I think he’ll look more like him without the sunglasses and arm wraps. Don’t think Dante wears shades either.

Yeah, you’re right, forgot about that. The shades on Miguel were an SC item.

Nice eye on the hand wraps. I don’t recall Miguel having a bare hands option, and I think at the time I felt that his regular gloves looked too “new”, so I went for the grimy hand wraps.

(Of course, I then screwed up the grimy look with the shades… :lol: )

@DRD: Thanks. I might try “Ralf” from KOF for Miguel next. Too easy not to.

We have cool-looking aura in this game…we have Lars, Jin, and Kazuya. We have no dbz customs…wtf?? Seriously, I’m starting to wonder why Namco didn’t include a custom aura for the Mishimas that has electricity instead of aura…

Nice ones. I like your Dante. I’ve been trying to figure out who would look the best as Dante and it seems like you’ve found the character.

I know, right?! I customized my Devil Jin and did the best I can to make him look like Goku (posting pics up later).

And about those electricity auras, go look at Kazuya’s aura.

PLUS MISHIMAS ALREADY HAVE ELECTRICITY WHEN YOU DO AN UNBLOCKABLE. Oops sorry about the caps. Person before must have left them on.

Edit: Found someone’s Trunks on zaibatsu.

That Trunks is pretty good. What character is that?

I’ve just finished taking pictures of my custom characters using a digital camera. I’ve also posted up picture comparisons. Here they are:

Anna as Tia Halibel from the Bleach anime. I didn’t know what else to do with Anna. Her options for customization just suck. I’ll admit it doesn’t look that great.

Asuka as Rangiku Matsumoto from the Bleach anime. This is the schoolgirl version of Rangiku when she enters the real world. I originally had her with the soul reaper kimono but they didn’t have any other long sleeve shirts besides the winter jacket but it comes with a hoodie on and I didn’t want that, so ended up having her wear a black sleeveless shirt (imagining that that would be what Rangiku would look like with her outside shirt off). Then I figured the schoolgirl version would look a lot more accurate.

Bruce as Sean from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Bruce’s special item giving him the basketball attack automatically gave me this idea. Sorry about the quality but he does have Sean’s hairstyle on.

Dragunov as the Joker from the Batman series. Heath Ledger version, son. I started working on this right after I ran into a Dragunov dressed like this in a ranked match. I said, “Whoa, that is sick! I need to go make my own!” I’m sure we all knew Dragunov was capable of this since all his items are joker-themed for some reason.

Eddy Gordo as Ronald McDonald. I actually stole customization this from tataka who posted this up on another thread earlier. It gets all my friends rolling on the floor laughing in the lobby everytime. Eddy was moving way too much in his capoeira stance while I was trying to take pictures.

Heihachi as Akuma from the Street Fighter series. I made him look like Akuma in Tekken 5 and I did it again in Tekken 6. I would have been mad if they didn’t have the Akuma items. They already took out the Devil items from Kazuya in Tekken 6 so I was like, “They better not take Akuma away from me either!”

Lil as Hatsune Miku, the popular VOCALOID girl. I just wished they had teal as a color option for hair. I had to choose between blue or green which were both too much. I ended up going with green. People still recognize her though.

Lili as C. Viper from Street Fighter IV. I originally had Asuka look like C. Viper but once I saw Lili’s clothes, I realized Lili looked a lot better as C. Viper since she had the shirts with ties and her belly showing.

Nina as Cammy from the Street Fighter series. I could either have the hat on or the hairstyle, not both. I went with the hairstyle. At least she matches the picture.

Raven as Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe series. This was inspired from the live-action movie (which I haven’t seen) and I just had to have the giant shuriken equipped because you ain’t a ninja if you ain’t throwin’ shurikens, right?

Jin as Karas. I didn’t intend it to be Karas in the first place. I just thought the armor looked cool so I bought the set. I played against a friend of mine and he was like, “Whoa, Karas!” So I said, “Uh…yeah. Karas…” If I really wanted it to be Karas, I could just buy the helmet without the horns.

Devil Jin as Goku from the Dragon Ball Z anime. This is the dead Goku from Heaven. They had the halo and Devil Jin already had white wings so why not. The blue aura was there too. This custom actually sucks. I feel stupid for even trying to make a Dragon Ball Z character in Tekken 6. I was bored and I really wanted to make it work but I just couldn’t!

Xiayou as Chun-Lifrom the Street Fighter series. I did it in Tekken 5 and I did it again in Tekken 6. Her custom items were screaming, “Chun-Li!”

Xiayou as Sakura from the Street Fighter series. The only problem here was that I was only able to equip the headband or set her hairstyle. I went with the headband. I’m sure people would still recognize her as Sakura.

And that’s it for my custom characters. These are only the custom characters that were actually inspired by other characters. The only customs I’ve stolen were the Joker and Ronald McDonald. Everything else was my idea. The rest of my characters are either original or haven’t been touched yet. So keep up the good work everyone. I’ll post up some more customs if I make 'em. Feel free to steal and / or criticize my customs.

Love this Anna , resembles Cameron Diaz a lot XD

Sick Nina :tup: , love her look

those 3 are awesome :tup:

LOL well done , very unique

thats Lee ( i think )

Love the Rangiku , Chun Li and Sakura Ones , very creative

wow this thread is full of win. good stuff and very creative customs!

Not really going to take pics but some of what I have done:

Bob- another Rufus look-alike (w/ giant fork and spoon)
Asuka- as Sakura
Anna- as I-No from GG
Anna- as Morrigan from DStalkers/VHunter
Zafina- as Silver Sable
Zafina- catwoman rip-off
Zafina- Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
Dragunov- as Edward Scissorhands
Mokujin- as an oak tree lmao. i just gave him the most authentic skins from the gallery
Alisa- Kos-Mos from Xenosaga


Ideas from just looking at characters…

A.King/King - someone should do something from Thundercats; Carnage/Spawn/Deadpool
Bob- impersonation of Earthquake; Willy Wonka choco-addict; Newman from Seinfield
Bruce- R.Kelly; Michael Vick
Kazuya- Vegeta
Bryan- GI Joe figurine
Feng- Tien Shinhan
Wang- Master Roshi
Heihachi- old school Raiden from MK; Mr. Clean
Hwoarang- someone from N’Sync or BackStreet Boyz…your pick
Jack- RoboRick Astley; Goomba from Mario Bros
Eddie- Whoopi Goldberg