Show off your Costumes Thread

You’re right, that does look a lot like Cameron Diaz. I think I’m gonna steal that. Be like, “Watchu know 'bout Cameron Diaz, son?! Charlie’s Angel up in this bitch!”

Nice. I’m gonna steal some of those real quick. My parents are watching a movie on the HDTV at moment so I’ll just take the pics off my regular TV.

Anna as I-No from the Guilty Gear series. I-No, why didn’t I think of that?! I just remembered she had the witch hat and stuff. There were no guitars but I guess she still wouldn’t have been complete without the broom, right?

Lili as Morrigan from the Darkstalkers series. I don’t know how Anna would look like as Morrigan but I originally had my Lili set up as Morrigan. That’s too bad it doesn’t let you equip the devilish hair band at the same time.

Zafina as KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series. I’ve never played a Xenosaga game before. I’ve never even played with Zafina yet actually. Anyways, other than getting the hair right, I totally failed here. Zafina as KOS-MOS…what were you thinking?!

Zafina asJasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. Easy. Couldn’t have done it any better.

I was going to make some more but unfortunately I ran out of Fight Money, LOL. I’ll have to hit the Scenario Campaign again.

…and my God those pictures are in such horrible quality off my TV, lol.

I know everyone that sees my nina is like , yeah I like that Nina hahaha

I just wanted to say one thing though. I like your Nina. I don’t think you could have made her any sexier than that. Can I steal that formula?

Edit: Made a couple more…

Anna as Jesse from the Pokmon anime. OkunoXD from Tekken Zaibatsu came up with the idea so I took it and tried it out. My God, the quality is so craptacular. I’ll definitely have to re-take these pics on the HDTV.

Asuka as Leona from the King of Fighters series. This custom was taken from Lenoh from the Tekken Zaibatsu Forums. Here’s his screenshot which is a whole 'lot clearer than mine:

WOWOWOW @ Asuka as Leona

2 good

also, neat how you did Zaf instead as Kos-Mos vs Alisa…it still turned out pretty ok

Zafina (Main atm):

P1 -
(bleh, forgot to cap it when it showed the rose…an older pic prior my discovery of PS3 taking ingame screenshots - )

P2 -


P1 -


P1 -


P1 -

P2 (mainly for scenario) -


P1 -

P2 -

does anyone have anything cool they have done with miguel ( outside of the cloud thing which is ass beating to the hundreth degree ).

Im maining him but i really cant get him to look all that cool, i bought out all of the shop items and i just dont like any of it.

what items are scenario obtained only for miguel?

Kazuya(main) till I die



Kazuya P1 Liquid Ocelot from MGS4

Kazuya P2

And an attempt to make Geese:rofl:

Asuka P1

Asuka P2

I wish we could have been able to save outfits to buttons like L1 R1 etc. That would have been too sweet

You know Kombo Ive always wanted to tell you , I hate that kazuya outfit LMAO.

He looks like a pop singing japanese yakuza that B-boys. :rofl:

Il mess around , I have Like 70 million to spare.

P2 Leo Custom:

P2 Anna Custom:

My P2 Anna custom has changed slightly though, just haven’t taken snapshots of it (or their P1 customs) yet.

EDIT: Current amount of Fight Money

Yes I farm whenever I’m bored.

P2 Leo = Sarah Palin? :open_mouth:


(same costumes, different pics)

also, i figured somebody might want this bob art. its my background wallpaper on the ps3:

i wish i got the blue aura instead so that it could look like electricity instead of fire but oh well. i have mad stuff i could sell from scenario campaign to get it.

Some new ones with side-by-side photos for comparison :razzy:

Genjuro (Samurai Shodown)
Snake in Eagle’s Shadow
Ralf (King of Fighters)

Street Gang Big Boss
Storm Trooper Bryan (full getup)
Fisherman Kuma

How did some of yall get the flagstaff items?

i thought it was from beating scenario campaign but my friend said it was downloadable content.

he would know more than i would since he spends more time customizing the characters that he plays with…
…and i only have like 2 and a half outfits to work with since my main is alisa. :arazz:

Dude that Genjuro is pimp:tup: The desperado and Clark are also excellent.

Ark the flagstaffs were part of the tube samurai DLC that was a preorder bonus at a few places.

I tried making Kazuya look like Ragna from Blazblue. Not too bad imo :rofl:

First I’ll post the costumes I’ve made for my main character, Kazuya:

My main outfit

My Akisame Kouetsuji outfit (Akisame is from the manga/anime Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

The following are my silly attempts at making various characters:

Julia as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII

Miguel as Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Heihachi as Monkey D. Garp from One Piece (I tried to add the animal head and coat, but it didn’t really look like Garp anymore)

Anna as I-No from Guilty Gear

Ling Xiaoyu as C. Viper (Most people make Lili C. Viper, so I went with Ling instead)

Wang as Muten Roshi from Dragon Ball

I was wondering if anyone had the suspenders for VII Tifa. I tried to make her with Asuka look back at the first page, but i gave up and just made her original. The only thing that bugs me with yours is Julia’s default top. You couldn’t have replaced it with a plain white T?

Why though? The default top looks more like Tifa to me…

Unfortunately, the only other white tops for Julia are either long-sleeved, or they are the cowgirl/tribal tops that don’t really look like Tifa’s tank top at all :sad: