Show off your Costumes Thread


If anyone has one of those DLC codes for PS3 that they don’t need, I will be REALLY grateful if you could toss one of them my way.

yeah i want one of those flagstaffs too i was planning to preorder the game but didnt have the money at the time lol

DLC codes and calendars for sale.

my alisa player 2:

might save up 10 mil to get the smoke looking ki and take the fire aura off.

Does PS3 have some pic save function I don’t know about for T6?
Or are you guys using cap devices.

Press PS button go to photo section in-game.

Xiaoyu as C. Viper, I like it. All the girls should just be dressed as C. Viper.

Here are my pics of some random ones I got goin
Main: Armor King
Not really good still doing scenario campaign so I don’t have suited up like I want him to be


Law Sorta copied Rip’s Law lol

Lee My friend’s main so i let him mess around with this one

more alisa:

Anna as Shermie from KOF.

Redid Zafina P2

I got me my gamestop samurai flags. :razzy:

Yoshi can’t have a flag though. But they look bitchin’ on the jap-style characters (Ganny, Jin, Kazuya, etc.), especially when you have swords equipped. :smokin:

My main

She is much stronger than she looks.

Just sayin’

Edit: You can only get the flags if you pre-ordered right? Man I wish I did :frowning:

oops wrong one. I meant to show a pic of my real main Baek. Will have to do later.

You can still get the flags. People are selling unused codes on ebay… I posted a link earlier in this thread.

lol but im not payin 7 dollars for a flag lol

I made a few new costumes:

Jin Kazama as Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Lars as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Paul and Asuka as Smoker and Tashigi from One Piece, respectively (yes, I’m a big OP fan).

This is my Paul as Dog The Bounty Hunter

“GOTCHA! Paul Pheonix Wins”

Hahaha! Poor Paul. He doesn’t deserve that. ; )