Show season 2 new character silhouettes in character select?


I feel for the people who bought both seasons should get to see silhouettes of the new characters because a good majority of people who bought the game should get most of everything or at least give us an arcade mode like the good ol’ days


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Even better, people who buy the character pass up front, should get beta test time with each new character as they finalize them.

That would sell character passes, would help balance the game and be a nice thank you to those who do buy the pass early.


And how do you prevent those people to share the information to anyone else?


They wouldn’t be able to prevent the sharing of information, yet only those who purchased the season pass would actually be able to have fun beta testing the characters.

Seems fine to me.


I was replying to OP saying that people who bought season pass should be able to see the silhouettes. It wouldn’t take long for someone to share what they see with anyone else.


I only got into SFV a month ago, but doesn’t Capcom release the silhouettes anyway?


I just wanna know who’s next. This season pass thing feels just dumb to me, I’m new to the whole modern street fighter thing, was it like this in SFIV? how have you people not rioted if so?


In S1 the characters were leaked beforehand so we didn’t have to wait to know who’s gonna be there. Before that, people might’ve waited for 1 or 2 years to have new characters.


So with next apparently being Ed I really wanna know who’s next after next since, holy balloni I couldn’t care less about Ed.


I feel sad for the Season Pass buyers, because they don’t know what they’re getting.


Tbh i paid for 6 char + 6 costumes + the possibility to use 600k FM on other stuff

Wich i think is what i will get


Yeh, Im not tripping about the identity of the characters because I will want them regardless. I want all of the characters. They could have revealed that s2 will be Dan, Mike, Rufus, El Fuerte, Sean and Bad Box Art Mega Man and I would have been like, “…hmm…cool. Here’s my money, Capcom”


Ya could be partners in crime :tup:

Same here :lol: :tup: Because I know all of them will be awesome to play (and that I could “main” had it not been for that I’m so traditional as to just stick with Ryu) :peace:


Well so far I’ve had 0 interest in the chars that have been released. And since you don’t need to buy season pass during the season I’ll gladly wait, then they release Blair Dame and I buy it in an instant (I’m delusional)


It’s masses blindly accepting whatever Capcom does that ruined franchises like RE, DMC and now SF. Keep buying whatever they bring out until you’re broke, dawg.




Let get something straight. You do not own Street Fighter, Capcom does. Capcom is free to do whatever they like with their brand and you as a consumer can either choose to buy their products or not buy them. If they make products that are entertaining then yes I will continue to spend my money on it. I will not be pressured or shamed by an entitled vocal minority who think their opinion is the one that matters. If that makes me part of the “masses”, cool.


Yeah, that’s a very professional attitude to have towards your fans right there!

What do they pay you to do damage control PR?

Discounted Capcom t-shirts and stolen EBT cards?

Fuck off.


Your original post said that the identity of the characters doesn’t matter, that the characters included in the Season Pass may turn out to be anyone and that wouldn’t matter to you. That’s not spending money on an entertaining product, that’s blind consumerism. Of course you are free to do whatever you please with your money, but if you support shitty company policies with your money, then I get to comment on your consumer habits, because they affect the products I love in more ways than you can iamgine.