Show us your HORI Arcade Stick!


Xbox 360 Hori VLX with Sanwa RG buttons, Sanwa Rainbow Ball Top, Kitty PCB, Spark Optical PCB & Qanba White dust cover, shaft cover and button plugs.


One of my TT Secret Santa submission photos.


All-Seimitsu (besides red Qanba button plugs) og VLX with an LS-32-01, translucent grey/smoke PS-14-K’s, translucent red PS-14-DNK & a translucent grey balltop. BTW, it’s for sale in the trading outlet:

VLX Diamond has translucent blue silent OBSC-30’s, OBSC-24, matching dust/shaft covers, blue Qanba button plugs & a 38mm swirl blue/white Butteroj balltop:



I’m not sure if you can still call it a stick, per se, but mine was formerly a HFS3:

[Image removed for the moment, sorry]

(Keys are Cherry MX reds, and the back has a switch linked to a break-out board that switches the punches and kicks)


Hori Fighting Stick VX.
Custom top-panel and plexi; JLF with Link shaft, octo-gate and bat-top; Seimitsu PS-14K clear buttons


My Hori Fighting Edge


Thanks to everybody who has participated and posted their HORI arcade sticks so far! Check out our Facebook see which ones are being posted. Keep’em coming!


Hori EX2 Fightstick. Bought on a budget years ago, just now got around to upgrading the parts to full sanwa and changing out the art. Here’s the result:

My main is C. Viper, and my best friend’s main is Chun, so i was ecstatic when I found this art

Side-view, for funsies

A close-up of C.Viper and the awesome smoky balltop (and the top of my finger… ><)

close-up of button arrangement and chun-li


My SFT2CE Stick. Not the best picture but here goes


Thats all I got.


My Tekken 5 Hori has undergone two facelifts ever since I got with my Tekken 5 bundle back in February 2005.

I got into modding sticks ever since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was released and
my Tekken 5 Hori was my gateway for many stick mods to follow.

Here’s my Tekken 5 Hori back in EVO 2010 during Tatsunoko vs. Cacpom Top 8. At the time, I was using a Seimitsu LS-32-01 with it.
I got it signed by Nitsuma-san (who wrote “CAPCOM” near the Namco logo) and Seth Killian, but it has worn off a bit on the bottom.

Here’s what it looks like in the present. I took out the LS-32-01 in place of a Sanwa JLF. All buttons still Sanwa.
I drilled in Start and Select on the top rim.


I kind of have a lot of HORI stuff, so please bear with me…

One of my favorite HORI arcade sticks of all time. The PlayStation 2 Hori Real Arcade PRO SE…

The PS3 version which is just as classy and sleek, the HRAP3 SE…

My VLX stack. One of the product designers behind the HRAP VLX and HRAP series, H. Muramatsu signed it at EVO 2010 for me.

My brand new EHRGEIZ arcade stick, with Yoko’s Yo-Yo!

Some more recent Hori sticks I added to the collection…

Imported a RAP VLX Diamond before Arcade Shock carried it here (and got 2 more) >.< !

Love this Gundam one…

Some I have stacked up… Ignore the Mad Catz sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

Needless to say, I think I am the BIGGEST Hori fan out there. I have some really rare stuff that I am too lazy to bust out.


Oh and of course. I love this. I have 13 of these sticks now…

But this one is signed by Harada-san. I love TEKKEN <3

Have this sealed too…

Best packaging?! Look at this awesome detail…


Oh this one is slept on too! One of the best ones that most ppl probably haven’t seen.


[IMG] Uploaded with[/img]




I can’t compete with MarkMan but I do a good number of Arcade Sticks, namely Hori. I have my PS2 Arcana Heart 2 HRAP, DeathSmiles IIX, Mushihimefutari and Blazblue Continuum Shift V3 in boxes still but here are the ones I have in photo form:
Real Arcade Pro.SE-EX Xbox Tan:
Real Arcade Pro3 Miku Hatsune Append:
Real Arcade Pro V3:
Second Real Arcade Pro V3:
Continuum Shift & Monster Hunter (3rd)Real Arcade Pro.VX:
Custom V3 case:
Fourth Real Arcade Pro.VX (Monster Hunter X ShindoL):
Fighting Stick VX with same theme above:
Real Arcade Pro.NX/Soul Calibur V edition:
Fighting Edge Persona 4 Arena Labrys:
Pair of VLX:
Personal VLX (Work in Progress: 6 button custom with LEDs waiting to be installed):


Originally a stock Real Arcade Pro 2 I got in 2009. Now a multi-system tribute to my favorite character from my favorite FG.


Here are mine