Show us your Project Boxes!

I’m working on modding my SE Fightstick so that it has a 360 PCB and an MC Cthulhu on the inside, and also a DB25 port to connect to outside project boxes. I’m waiting for a DB25 2-way switchbox to arrive so I can switch the signals between the interior PCBs and the DB25 port. So far I’ve built 3 project boxes: one for 360, one for the Cthulhu, and one for Genesis. Here they are:

My 360 project box, a boring Radio Shack Project Box (6 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches I believe)

An MC Cthulhu wired to a DB25 connector and built into a Sonic Spinball Genesis case.

A Sega Genesis 6-button pad hacked, wired to a DB25 connector, and built into an Ecco the Dolphin Genesis case.

Here’s the DB25 port on the FightStick. It was my first time using a Dremel (obviously); I need to find a substance that will fill in that extra space for a perfect fit.

you know that echo case + game is normally worth hella $$. but they look cool

I used Ecco and Sonic Spinball because I only had the cases, not the carts, so I wasn’t orphaning any games. I’ve got both Eccos on Sega CD, plus the Dreamcast game, however :slight_smile:

lol nice genesis cases…

excellent idea
waiting for my mc cthulhu for new project

if i had an extra sonic&knuckles cart around i would try to turn that into a project box :rofl: that would be hella cool.

That was also my immediate reaction. I’d rather spend $3 for another project box. Props on the effort though. I’m on a project box kick as well. Once I get some more cables in I’m going to go on a Saturn to (insert system) spree.

The Radio Shack project boxes are too big for most PCBs, except for that tiny one that’s too small for everything. I’m trying to find creative project boxes that are a better fit for the average PCB. Anyone have any ideas? I’m out of empty Genesis boxes :slight_smile: I was thinking about gutting a VHS tape and using that, but I don’t think it would work. My next one will be a Dreamcast controller, and I’d like to build the VMU ports into the case.

VHS cases? :smile:

I don’t think I have any plastic VHS cases, but that’s a good idea. I thought about DVD cases, but I think they’re too thin. Maybe I’ll stop at Ocean State Job Lot and see if I can find anything interesting.

For your Saturn pad project, what systems do you want to get it working on and how did you hack the pad so the controller still works?

What about putting all of the PCB’s into one project box. Just plug the stick into the correct DB25 port and pplug in the correct system. Never seen it before but may work.

What would be cool to use for a project box would be those old VHS tape rewinders. The part that pops up where you insert the VHS could be where your DB25 mounts and then replace the power prong with the cord for the system. Pimpish

I’ve done 360 and PS2 so far. I’m not sure what other systems need to be done, but I really want to solder up an old Nes controller as well. I just haven’t been able to find one locally. I’m about to eBay some. This thread has the directions for it. It’s basically a matter of soldering the contacts on it and another controller.

Your cases keep making me want to play some Genesis. I had a Nomad as a kiddo and I loved that thing. Portable Gunstar Heroes for the win.

I agree that Radio Shack project boxes are just way too big. I’ve got a 360 pcb in one and it’s about twice as tall as it needs to be. The problem is I don’t have anything but Radio Shacks around where I live so I’m guessing the only other option is to look online.

As far as creative project boxes, I like a proper box…looks more professional, but I would just go wandering around Harbor Freight or Lowe’s and see what’s about. Heck, even Jo-Ann’s and other craft stores have lots of little boxes that might work for this. I found the metal case I built into a joystick just wandering around Target. The wandering is practically my favorite part of project design time. :slight_smile:

That would work, but it wouldn’t be as elegant or portable. If you wanted to go the one project box route, you could wire all the PCB’s to a barrier strip, connect their voltages, and then only have one DB25 port.

That does sound awesome. I haven’t seen one of those rewinders in about a decade, but if I ever come across a small cheap one I’ll be sure to snag it and try this.

Nomad is the best portable ever made. I’ve been obsessed with Genesis since I was eleven years old. I’ve got the model 1 Genesis and Sega CD hooked up to the 32x, sitting next to a Nomad and a CDX, sitting next to two Justifier lightguns and all sorts of Genesis controllers (including that special Capcom SF2 pad that sort of resembles a pistol), sitting next to a bookcase full of games. One of my motivations for using a Genesis case for the Genesis project box was that I knew it’d make me want to use it more :slight_smile:

I was thinking of trying to use one of those plastic take home food containers that some restaurants will give you with your leftovers. The rectangular style.

so you’re gonna put a box into another box (your arcade stick) for what purpose again? Cuz ya heard we liked boxzes?

Xzbittian jokes aside you could’ve just binded the PCB’s or whatever with screws or something and let the wires float around, it ain’t like someone’s gonna look inside your stick anyway so who cares really.

Honestly I’d rather have the wires readily available than having to play with a matrioska whenever something starts acting up.

The box goes betwen the output of the stick (db-25 in this case, but you can use other outputs) and the console. You can have multiple boxes for different consoles, that each hook up to the output of one stick. This way you can use one stick for multiple systems without wiring two+ pcbs together for a dual pcb mod.

I will try to post some pics later, but I just made a project box using one of these:

The PCB was a wired madcatz 360 pad. And all I had to do was desolder the analog sticks - pull them off, and I left the variable resistors on and glued them in place.

Those cases look awesome, can’t wait to see your pics! I’d like to take the analog sticks off my PCB; did you need to buy resistors to do it?

Well, I’m waiting on someone to send pics, since I already gave it to them. But the case was really solid and easy to work with.

As for the analogue sticks- no, you don’t need resistors if you leave on the little analog pots. Each analog stick has those two little circular things on the sides, you can pry them away with a small screwdriver, then desolder the analog housing and remove the bulky part to make the PCB a little slimmer.