~ Showcase Your Latest Sprite Edits Thread I ~

This is just like “~ Showcase Your Latest Work Thread XVI ~” except, you only show your newest Sprite edits or Sprite Rips. Hope we get to see some cool sprites! :smiley:

Allow me to get the ball rolling…

Uh…palette swaps don’t count as sprite edits. :wink:

yes it is. That’s why its called sprite EDIT. He edited the sprite to change the color :wink:

It’s more of a palette swap.

Just trust VX when it comes to sprites. Hint hint.

Hmm, seeing as Ninja started this whole damn thread, I’d say whatever he says is editting IS editting.

Especially since it’s in my favor. :smiley:

ill be sure to post some edits later on today. here is one.

But damn, man…that’s an existing color!

So if i make a thread about me being the master of every language that makes everything i say correct? You sir are an idiot.

Hey now, chill, he was jokin with that comment. Go find a temporary tagmonkey board to flame at.

stop arguing about a goddamn sprite. jeez…:bluu:

I love how you hate on me everytime I post in IMM, like im not welcome or shit. w/e though.

Well lets see, how many times do you come here while tagmonkey is up? 1, 2? None? No you aren’t very welcome here, you people use this place as a fall back when your paradise falls then you bash it, you talk all sorts of shit about SRK and how you hate it and will never come back and look where you are.

Blah, get lost -DM before you get banned for stupidity. If you hate this place so much (from what i hear), why are you here?

hmmmm IF you did look around srk you would see i post almost everyday here in GD. Hmmmm lets see is TM up? Yes it is. How often do i post there? Never? Hmmm thats internesting. stop making stupid assumtions. Who doesnt bash srk? even all the members here still bash it. Yea get the cock out of your ass TG.

Ninja Gaiden: stfu you dont know anything.

dont tell me to “shut the fuck up” you fag. This is my thread if you haven’t noticed moron:lol:

EDIT: If this fool is banned from SRK or removed from my thread within 2 days, Ima just delete this thread and start a fresh one later.

Amen to that…and dont be hating my good friend Tg&Ninja aight.

I’m not talkin about GD because I don’t go there. Here in IMM where you feel you don’t belong is what I’m talking about. Last I was at tagmonkey you posted plenty. Yes, everyone bashes SRK, I’m sure but they cant leave and they know it. So just stay out of IMM, you aren’t needed.

If im not needed I can still post here if I please to do so and i will do so from time to time. Sure you can ban me from posting on here, but for what reason.