~ Showcase Your Latest Work Thread XI ~


If you spam this one up, you will be BANNED. Im tired of it.

~ TigerGenocide (Image Mishmash Moderator)

this one is pretty ugly:( …i dont got photoshop


i wish i had photoshop:bluu:

second tag in ps ever:


Unfinished project.

version 2 and 3

EDIT: here’s also a wallpaper I’ve been working on for a month or two. Don’t know when I’ll be finished.

Scribble Piece

cool beans, soul. just looks a bit weird how it cuts off into the grey.

@ Seth - I’m Trying to be Helpful:bluu: Erm…what program do you use then? The quality is pretty bad, and yeah it needs a lot of work.

@ Kame - You sir are a fast learner. I like the fall idea, very soothing

@ KW - Me Likey the abstract wall paper big fan of abstract art
Good Job.:stuck_out_tongue:

my FIRST AND latest is my avatar. yes, its crummy, but i’m working on it…reading a million photoshop tutorials and i still have no idea what i’m doing, lol. and i’m not gonna ask for help from anyone cause that’ll mean that i gave up…until i really think i should give up

thanks, i likey that brush preset thats a leaf:D :smiley:

i got that lame ass paint progam:bluu:

you mean paint for windows? i feel for ya man. ask around to see if ya know anyone who has photoshop.

do you half to order photoshop over the computer or do they have it in stores.

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

agin if your going to spam a thread about how much you hate seth doit in the chat room

he didnt say he hated you:lame:

ANYWAY, photoshop is 700 bucks. unless you want a huge dent in ur wallet, you should find someone who will give it to ya. ie if u have a friend, ask him to burn a copy

i was at business depot today and saw photoshop 7 for $250…700 bucks is too much…i doubt it can be worth more than windows xp…

It can go up that high, not every place sells it dirt cheap for 250. Microsoft is in the business of getting their shit into every home on earth, so they make it affordable. Adobe makes their shit for professionals, so they can charge 700 bucks for it. But believe it or not QuarkXpress costs more than Photoshop.

@ Seth: I suppose i can hook you up with a free program almost like photoshop. Its just missing a few things that photoshop includes. Maybe if you get good enough you can work your way up and then get some respect again. PM me if you want the details.

I shall have some new work soon, but making a wallpaper is hard, especially working at 1/2 view o_O

<—my new work. its a work in progress. the text is ghetto, i know, but i don’t have enough time to really dedicate myself to the av. i’ll work on it tomorrow, as well as yours hawaii gamer.:cool:
DAMN i got owned. HARD.:sweat:

dontt forget my signature:D …thats if you decided to make:)

Thanks. That means a lot to me since it’s something I can REALLY call a project and filter-free( except for the blurring[sidenote-which I’ll figure out how to do without using the filter-sidenote] ).:smiley:
I just need someone with abstract as their expertise to help me along the way with pointers and what-not.