~ Showcase Your Latest Work Thread XI ~


It’s supposed to be dark.



Love’in it MC. :smiley:


Do tell me who that cutie in your avatar is, would you Holy Knight?



…wow. :o :stuck_out_tongue:

new avatar::smiley:


Nice av, Mas

Great work, LC!!!

Others: great works, too!!!

Back to question… :sweat:

Okay… open “My Computer”

  1. click Local Disk (HD)
  2. click Windows
  3. click Fonts (transfer new fonts to this folder)







the last 3 are low quality…im going to redo them

Central Wisconsin - Oshkosh, Appleton, Fon du Lac area

Mikstar: I posted my comments at Tagmonkey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great works!!! :wink:


I >think< she’s from Melty Blood.


I see.

Thanks for the heads up blackadde.


New Arcade Stick Troubles

Thanks DNP. Got it.


DAMN! I extracted the files, then moved them to the font floder in windows, but I can’t find them anywhere. I checked every single font in ps7, and none of them were their. Whats up with it?


Refresh the fonts folder then open up PS7. See if that helps you out at all.


w00t, RCR avatars always my favorite. I like the idea too with the tagging and everything. Also, that you used sprites from Crash N The Boy’s Street Challenge to make the poses look cooler:p

btw: Your av…:lol:


I will try that MC. Here is one I made for sc.com.

EDIT: Didn’t work. Anymore suggestions???


ninja enters

this is not the place to see that, then. Don’t expect too much from the people here.

lol, rene strikes again. Where have you been, man?

*ninja ex…

trips on a cereal bar…

resumes exiting… *


Ok its a new rule, no more characters in anything you post in here. Master Chibi is a baby.


up to no good :bluu: :stuck_out_tongue:


TG: would that include people…

rene: :o:lol:


bitch, when did you become a ninja? the only ninja around here would be myself.

aaahaa. that’s what you get :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ll be working on your avatar soon, as well as mines. we gotta go retro:cool:. rcr for life! :evil:

my latest work:


when i get home, i might try putting the girl behind the fuzz and messing with the opacity of the fuzz to get her to blend in better…hmm…