~ Showcase Your Latest Work Thread XI ~

pretty good for your first try man.
it’s better than what my weak ass can do. i kid, i kid. but it’s tight tho, just a lil empty on the right.

@ Nero:

Now now, I’m not worth praise. I’m very simple in my ways, just complimenting your work because I felt it was just to do so.

@ Bloodia:

No, this can’t be! cough Blarg!~! faints



work on the timing. your avatars shouldn’t be SO fast. and um…i’ma try and take a pic of that thing i said i would, and do that tut today. hopefully i’ll be home in an hour.:cool:

@Orange - thanks man :stuck_out_tongue:

Link Tag.


@::TMT:: - Nice Tag man. I know how much you hate doing human pieces but that one looks good.

@Blodia - Nice PR sprites.

o.O M. Chibi wants to kill BV5’s buddies. :lol: :lol: XD

points to green ranger Pretty great!!! XD

Link tag is looking pretty great!!! Great work!!! thumb up

damn…that link tag looks pimp Liquid_dragon…one thing…don’t get me wrong…it’s pimp n’ all…heck…i’d ask to use it…if we could have tags…but…the left half of the background…looks like techical, and mechanical and shit…which Link is not…but i don’t really care…just thought i’d point it out…good shiT!




psst, Draig… your links are not working. Try to fix them soon or later

I finally got time to mess around with ps7 some more. I found out some new techs from some tutorials. I used them on this and it seemed to come out pretty good. Now bring on the hate! :stuck_out_tongue:

now, i thought my stuff was good but you my friend, blow me away

@gigahertz: where IS that post anyway.

its SETH’s post on like page 25, of his AMAZING WORK where he took a picture from the SVC site and drew his name on with the MSPaint brush tool

I DONT HAVE PHOTOSHOP SO GIVE ME A BREAK :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

hmm, i’m feeling sort of like how hybrid fury did a few weeks ago. everything here is the same, a tag/avatar with some blurry airbrushing and a video game sprite/character art. does anyone do anything in PS that has actual purpose or use aside from looking at, like does anyone have a website or make an advertisement or anything?

GigAHertZ, that Jill avatar is friggin’ slick. :eek:

Made a new wallpaper: http://www.deviantart.com/view/3028952/
(WARNING - 1600x1200 and 1mb in size)


Mas- Nice avatar. (psst… font… not bad) Not bad… I suggest you need less bright. (most avatars used only one sprite with bright spotlight) Impressive and Improving working. :wink:

heres some of my work.ill leave the judging to the experts.:evil:

Get outta my sight!

…well i guess since elephant crap became a acceptable art medium a few years ago, anything goes now…soooo judging on the showing from this thread:

MS Paint > PS7 :confused: :lol:

p.s. if you dont have photoshop and want to whine about how you dont know how to use any of these programs…shut up, i dont care