~ Showcase Your Latest Work Thread XI ~


fuck yea valcano high is one of the pimpest movies around


Kame and BV5: both are pretty great!!! I like fire effect works. Hm… :confused: I can’t tell which one is best. =/

Chun Li avatar is very nice and cool (three evolved Chun Lis). Great work!!!

Angel avatar is less bad (not good for resized Angel sprite)

Orange: Cool color background girl avatars Great work!!!

Dark: it is ok. Well… I don’t think so you try work like EEK and Orange. Just take your time until you will master. :wink:

My latest works:


*note: it has only one picture =/ (I tried to make hard because it has low quality jpeg) >.<




I made this.




Splash is interesting… it looked like face in fire.


hey robotnik why you hating on seth man you need to stop man at least hes not av whoring anymore


Nice work, everyone.

Attached is a tag I made based on an image contest over at my home of Tekken Zaibatsu. I decided to go for the retro look (Tekken’s old letter font, followed by T2 Kaz and Tekken’s original game title). Wish me luck.

3P and 3K?!!!!!!!!!!

JD: Banner is pretty good. Hmm… I can’t think anything wrong. Good Luck!!! :wink:



… Shoush.


waaaay f-in cool…

is it me or do the feet seem a bit too dark? Either way, kick ass!


here’s some of my lates’t work…let me know what you guys think.:smiley:


wow the sad thing about this is that youre actually getting better tonbarry, that is if you made the avatar youre wearing now

i still hate you though


kairi where did u find that pic of mr. karater in your av


he made it himself.


SK- Akuma sprite is cool. But I noticed different symbol. What’s word mean? It is cool!!!

Retool avatar:



:sweat: XD

Execution Barrier: Why is this still here?
Execution Barrier: Why is this still here?
Execution Barrier: Why is this still here?

<~~~ :smiley:


MC- your Baiken avatar is good.

Sega Saturn Virtua Stick

Looks a bit blurry is all.



my latest work

i try messin wit the bg


aight man. the hurricane hits tonight, so maybe tomorrow i won’t have to go to school. THEN i will have enough time to give you some tips on things…i’m sorry everything is taking so long-the requests too. i didn’t forget. its just that school is eating away from my time. school comes before everything though, so understand that.:slight_smile:


I wanted it that way, that’s what I usually go for when making avatars for SRK.