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Official new sprite rips from Pocket Fighter 3: Crossover Calamity (Jap release).

Happy April 1st, FOLKS!

*all sprites creditted to those who made them, i do not claim any of these are mine, simply I had found them in my sprite folder from TMv3. And they all freakin’ rock :slight_smile: *


i’m getting nothing but red X’s there


try reloading.


What happened to my shakira splash, sir?


Haha, I remember those.

Oh Zazz, I caught the April Fools Inu Yasha last night as well, I couldn’t stop laughing.



oh i see them now

and i claim my ownership of that potemkin

i’m surprised people remember i made that :frowning:




:lol: :lol: :lol:


haha, adultswin was too good lastnight i caught the cowboy bebop and the family guy. i hope they have more for later tonight.


Here’s another tag I just finished.



New avatar.


What’s with the pink now a days?..but it’s cool alpha nice.

here’s one just incase no-one seen it.



i fucks with dipset



seth: the colors on that tag are hideous


what colors do you think they should be:confused:


the colors in his colthing…

for instance, his shirt has a nice full-bodied red in it, but the red you used is very washed out (probably caused by the white you put in the middle.) if the colors matched up a little bit more he would look more blended and the tag would come off a lot better (IMO)

also, his face looks very dodgy…


Here’s something new, I just made, oh and how do you make those chibi sprites?


lol…it’s the weed man.

Nifty PC.



Heres one I made yesterday for my cousin, he said he wanted all three so I had to work them in somehow…

Ive been gone for 6 months, feels good to be back. I know I already said this, but my current avatar rocks!


Looks like you’re upsest with big guys and gay musclemen…did you meet the antha man?

Dam 4 minute rule.


Lmao. :lol: