Showcase Your Sprite Edits


This is just to show off whatever sprite edits you have made. cuz lets face it, sprite edits are so much better than avatars.

here are some of mine:

Agent Faust

Ash(Evil Dead)

Dark Man

Chucky(Child’s Play)

Freddy(Nightmare On Elm Street)

Darun(Street Fighter EX)

I’ll post some more later. but, I wanna see everyone else’s work as well.


I think the problem with your darun is you gave it a retarded file name, dont put parentheses in file names. The link works, just not the image coding.

And yeah the Darun is cool, I liked him and gief as a team in EX3.


Shouldn’t the glasses be a skew just a bit to match the perspective of the bag they’re being worn atop of?

Great job nonetheless.



no one else has any sprite edits to post? surely i cant be the only person here who is into sprite editing.

anywho, here are some more o mine:


Jason(Friday The 13th)

Michael Myers(Halloween)



Scorpion Card Clash


and…some more


The Crimson Ghost


The Hurricane

Batman(60’s Style) kinda beefy

Baby Alex(SF3)


Nazi Heart
If I get my inspiration back, expect a Nazi Doom and Nazi Sentinel.


I like that Michael Meyers one. :cool:


My first time sprite.

Alaina requested sprite of her own, last month or two months. :sweat:

Thanks for helping from Master Chibi. :sweat: he did tell me that I made bad flash




lol my first sprite:

it was suppose to look like me but i dunno lol

i didn’t know much about transparency back then lol


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to the guys:

but anyways, nj jugglo whats the base for the ghost one




I don’t have much experience with sprite editing, I plan on working with stuff more so I can get better(if I can get inspired and not be lazy). Here’s some sort of evil elf type guy…


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