Showcasing my artwork

Dead link. :confused:

Dammit Jesse

lol k i’ll fix it gimme a few seconds

no please dont i cant stand to see the horror… :shake: :shake:

jesse is tops.

Stop showcasing your “artwork” cuz your “artwork” fucking sucks I give it a 0.00001/10,scrub :tdown: :tdown:

whatever i’m good at drawing!

haha wtf

Well this is not worth a new topic…we already have a “SHOWCASE YOUR LATEST ARTWORK” thread so next time post random shit there[/forum nazi].

You still suck :tdown:

i’m sure people said da vinci sucked too

anybody that didnt like this must not look at avatars.

Guaranteed some art-freek will say, “but this picture represents the struggle of people trying to get ahead in life.”

But, goodness…that’s your artwork :confused:

wow…this pictures represents the struggle of people trying to get ahead in life.

i am impressed mr. ucRawerblader. sex me up.

Hey guys, I really think this is neroiscariot under a different account. Or maybe blackkade developed a new style and decided to show it in a ninja account.

That thing is off the chasm.

The way he managed the colors and the positioning of the stock…Flawless.

The typo is perfect also.

lets mutually facesex! myPENISmouth

so yeah guys, i’m just learning this art shindig. But i figure i could learn 3s pretty quick so art should be a snap crackle and possibly a pop

EDIT: wow i just noticed that i didn’t even make the entire background white in my picture

That shit is TT yo keep up the good work, fuck these guys that know how to draw. Its art for crists sake i’ll take a shit in a bucket and you’ll love it.

Heres my shit


Edit if you want the whole 250+ pics of the stoned lego wars juts aim me or post.

holy shit… i think this has just become the official showcase your dope ass better than just some crappy drawing artwork thread. mr. snk i’m thinking of going premium just to give you points