Showdown at the Sheraton Results

Super Street Fighter IV:
1 Sabin
2 Jug
3 SuperMin
4 Tony Genius
5 Theli
5 Cretin
7 Cosme01
7 Blood Hawk

Tekken 6 1v1:

1 Fab
2 Polish Mafia
3 Bronson Tran
4 Blood Hawk
5 Real Law
5 Renikon
7 Loc
7 Don Frye

Tekken 6 2v2:
1 Team A&W
2 Team BloodyKid
3 Team Benikon Hands

BlazBlue CS:
1 Ladon412
2 Zak5
3 XenoShock
4 Tainted Eternity
5 Theli
5 Spooky
7 Polish Mafia

Full Results Here:
Upstate Fighting Forums • View topic - Showdown at the Sheraton FULL Results!

Thanks to Team Sp00ky for coming out, chillin, stream, and blowing it up all weekend. Shout outs to eveyone that came and supported and we will work to make this event even bigger next time. Special shout out to Art for being a Pizza Monster.

Vids: YouTube - AkumaHokoru’s Channel Can’t make a playlist atm due to a bug on youtube.

Full playlists now available:

SSf4 Singles: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Blazblue CS singles: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Tekken 6 Singles: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Tekken 6 Teams: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.