Showdown Championships 2008 Results

Here are the final results from Showdown Championships Singles and Teams events. Thank you to all who showed up to compete, especially those from out of town. I hope you all had a great time and had a safe trip home, see you next year!

Singles - Friday

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core - 57 players
1st Jan Del Rio
2nd FlashMetroid
3rd Marneto
4th Kensou
5th Alex G
5th R0B0T
7th AzNhItLeR
7th [-_-]
9th Raekwon
9th Jais
9th Zinac
9th Tirian
13th Mr Naps
13th DoomScyther
13th Maniak
13th Big Chris

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - 60 players

1st Emphy
2nd Justin Wong
3rd [-_-]
4th Fubarduck
5th AzNhItLeR
5th Chris Dat
7th BinhLOL
7th Ron-O
9th Dictator
9th Crow
9th Ben
9th Marneto
13th Ranma0005
13th Nick
13th l337v1n337
13th Jose

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 65 players

1st Justin Wong
2nd Ron-O
3rd Jumpy
4th Jake
5th Alex G
5th Tin
7th JoJo
7th FlashMetroid
9th Vick
9th Big Chris
9th AzNhItLeR
9th Stiggz
13th Brother Roots
13th Kensou
13th Marneto
13th Suavion

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 57 players

1st Justin Wong
2nd Crow
3rd Jumpsuit Jesse
4th [-_-]
5th AzNhItLeR
5th Mopreme
7th Kingdom
7th Cmutt
9th YungB254
9th Draeger
9th Avril
9th Raph Stryker
13th KenMastersX
13th BinhLOL
13th Ranma0005
13th Dictator

Tekken 6 - 78 players

1st Crow
2nd DJ KOR
3rd Vick
4th AV Kazama
5th OneThreeFour
5th Frodo
7th Neo-X
7th AzNhItLeR
9th JTM
9th Kensou
9th Kaito
9th Jack
13th [-_-]
13th Ryu
13th Triforce
13th Justin Wong

Melty Blood Act Cadenza V.B2 - 46 players

1st Xianoir
2nd Leonard
3rd KenMastersX
4th Justin Wong
5th Fubarduck
5th Alex G
7th Crow
7th Tarzan
9th Maniak
9th Jumpy
9th Loki
9th 4J
13th Ranma0005
13th [-_-]
13th Robert
13th Pali

Teams - Saturday

Tekken 6

1st Team Shenanigans - AV Kazama/OneThreeFour/JoJo
2nd Crow/Vick/DJ KOR
3rd Vineet/Neo-X/Triforce
4th Mr Naps/Kensou/Kaito
5th Jack/AzNhItLeR/Surf n Destroy
5th Super Nacho/Julia/Ray
5th KenMastersX/DoomScyther/Kelly
5th Phil/Scott/Dizzy

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

1st Fubarduck/Justin Wong/Marneto
2nd Emphy/Crow/AzNhItLeR
3rd Dictator/[-_-]/Chris Dat
4th Vineet/Jose/Ben
5th Zinac/Raekwon/Jais
5th SlimDaddyGT/Faulty Defense/KenMastersX
5th Nmbr1Krush/YungB254/BinhLOL
5th Avril/Frodo/Mopreme

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

1st Raekwon/Zinac/Jais
2nd Kensou/Jan Del Rio/Fubarduck
3rd Latiff/Pozerwolf/Faulty Defense
4th R0B0T/[-_-]/Maniak
5th Big Bryan/FiareFox/Tirian
5th Chetan/Josh Del Rio/Tarzan
5th Ron-O/Nick/Big Chris
5th KenMastersX/Leonard/DoomScyther

Melty Blood Act Cadenza V.B2

1st Xianoir/Kurii
2nd Fubarduck/KenMastersX
3rd Justin Wong/Alex G
4th Suavion/Tarzan
5th JBO/Goggles
5th Pali/Robert
5th Hozanko/Just Blaze
5th Crow/Jumpy

Had good time at the event. Only thing is I wish 3S team grand finals was on the grand stage. Anway it was fun and worth the trip and will go again next year.

LOL 5th at tekken with day 1 yoshimitsu :looney:

I should have done much better at third strike not at tekken 6, LOL.

Wow at Triforce placing top 13…Good shit…and Good shit Justin…

Not Empire Triforce, its another Triforce from Houston

LOL noobie dark grease

always assuming…sofail

So now everyone who went now knows how far the woodlands is from their house right? And I live 10 minutes from their.

ok, now with this in mind, imagine driving to pz from that place on a tues and its closed again…tsk tsk tsk.

Anyway i might go tonight because I wanna game anyone else going or playing tonight?

i want to game, but i dont feel like going to pz unless i have to. You could probably just come over, and we’ll play some brawl and GG.

anyways, nice results. Hurray for getting 9th in ST, im such an OG.

lol, the best placing is Suavion and Tarzan getting 4th in Melty Blood. Them is some beasts lol

well, til next time (ill be even more ready :smiley: )

…ditto. i want another shot at justin x_x

you are lucky to have defeated the #1 (read: only) T6 panda in the US :mad:

…from now on, i pick O.sagat against ryu. unless they really did make honda vs ryu easier in st hd remix

ps- why is this in the southwest forum

Good shit to everybody who placed. Hopefully I’ll be able to go next year.


hahaha jojo looks like a beast

Yo Suavion u want to play 2night. Me gene prob gerald and nick will be playing 2night. Can u bring the wii and smash over been wanting to play real bad.

lol rep’ed.

alex, it’s because we’re the red-headed stepkids of the U.S. now. nobody else cares, besides us. lol.

Stiggz Played MvC2!!

Eh no CvS2 makes me sad.