Showdown Championships 2008 Results

where’s mopreme in 3s singles? :wonder: grats to fubar and jose though. ice cold as always.

Mopreme did not qualify out of singles pools.

So it’s been almost a month since Showdown ended and there’s still no word on the GG team for SBO. Can we get an update? Everyone wants to know.

Fixed. :lovin:

P. S. Guilty Gear is whack.

The fact that we haven’t heard anything only further justifies all the shit that was brought up in that thread.

Just as we had told the contestants in the tournament, the team will be announced shortly before the deadline date in June.

I can’t think of a better Bryan player in the U.S. than Jimmy.

What explanation is there for the delay? Is everything going as it was originally announced it would?

Theres no delay and everything is still going as planned. For players that actually went to the tournament, we had already explained that we are using the time between now and the deadline to determine the team members, and make the formal announcement in June. For those that didn’t, just wait for the formal announcement in June.

You don’t watch enough FFA vids. Actually I haven’t watched most of the lastest ones either.

Good shit Emphy.

Emphy don’t go to FFA. He goes to Keystone. =]

emphy is ryu with long hair.