Showdown Championships - Apr 27-29 - Houston, Tx


April 27-29, 2007

Houston, Tx
George R. Brown Convention Center

Registration Info:

Registration fee is a $30 3-day badge to Anime Matsuri
Entry fee is then $10 per team member
DR is a 3 man team tournament

EDIT - Confirmed Japanese Players!
Confirmed players: Bas, Ruu, Mint, Nuki, Knit, Tokido, Taizou, Matado, Nidaime-Mensto Ryu, Kindevu

EDIT - CvS2 Tournament added!
CvS2 - Singles, Single game, double elimination
1st - $300
2nd - $200
3rd - $100

Prize for Tekken DR,MvC2,3rd Strike, and Guilty Gear
1st $1050
2nd $600
3rd $300

Prizes for ST, Arcana Heart, and Melty Blood
1st $700
2nd $400
3rd $200

You will receive your prizes at the tournament!

Other games that will be played:
Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike 3v3
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - 3v3
Arcana Heart - 2v2
Melty Blood Act Cadenza v.B - 2v2
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - 2v2
Guilty Gear Accent Core - 3v3

The format for the team tournaments is as follows:
*It will begin on Friday April 27
*Single game double elimination knock off style team tournaments
*The initial round of the tournament ends with the top 8 teams determined
*The 2nd round of the tournament is a reset 8 team single elim bracket
*The grand finals will be played on Saturday evening
*The 3rd place fight will be played Friday night

:tup: no singles in anything is lame, good shit on being the first major on having a tourney that only you guys have a cab for

Yay for unlock! I’ll be there, format sounds fun, but everything is run friday? Is anything gonna be happening on sunday?

barring any unforeseen circumstances i will be there



whoops, no cvs

i don’t think i need a marvel team

yeah holding a tournament for arcana hearts is reallllllllllllllllllllllly stupid imo, the regulars automatically get the advantage as I dont think any other place in the freakin west hemisphere is going to get the game.

but just to get this straight, winning first place in mb = $700?

If so, I’m there.

If not, forget it ;p.

There isn’t any CVS(2)…

isaac and deus wanna be on a team? ask isaac he knows wsup. hit me up

Well Chibi besides MBAC it seems doing my thing in the Hotel is the best bet.

But you know I’m still wondering who is going to come to TS7 because I get a sense that not many are too gung-ho about it for whatever reason.

I dont know about you guys but I plan on winning

Whose line is it Anime?


wow chris you droped the ball man

I was all hyped up about showdown until this teams only format was announced.

The group I was going with was reserving the hotel room this Friday coming up. However, while I was at the G2Expo tourny this weekend, I got a call letting me know the format is teams only now. Everybody I’ve talked to about this format made it clear they are not going now. People pretty much have the view of just saving the money and going to EVO/ECC. While I was G2Expo, I mentioned it to Jwong as well. He told me that if it was true about the teams only format, he wasn’t going. Like everybody else, it was an instant decision made upon hearing the news. Obviously, it can change. But I seriously doubt a majority of the people who have now backed out, will jump back in if it stays teams only. I guess only time will tell who sticks to their decision, and who gives in and actually goes.

Personally, I think this is a huge mistake and seriously damaged Showdown. I’m not sure if Ranma is forced to make it this way, or if there are ulterior motives. Based on Ranmas ability to run stellar tournies before this, I automatically give benefit of the doubt here. I’m just going to assume the head figures of the anime convention have Ranma’s arm in a vice per say.

If anything can be done to change this, I hope it happens soon. This Showdown was turning out to be beastly. :sad:

Jive Out!

Showdown will be crazy good.

…and people that come will be able to hang out with me…WHAT COULD BE BETTER !!! :wow:

You know what?

A lot of people are happy that TX Showdown is trying to branch out and do something new and different, instead of CVS2/MVC2/3S/ST part 38. Some of us have been doing that for 6 years and to be honest it has been getting a little old.

Showdown, for the first time in US tournament history, is trying to break away from that ancient singles format of old games (let’s face it, we all know who the best players are in each game) and give the players something new. This tournament is also all on Japanese H2H cabinets (except Marvel which I believe is on American cabinets), no sit-down-and-play-on-your-lap to see that Justin Wong is the best MVC2 player again.

Finally, for the people who aren’t coming just because it’s a team tournament, guess what? Nobody cares. The tournament is going to be amazing even if only TX people attend because of the new games and unique format. Yes, it will be better if people from other states can attend, but there are already a lot of top Japanese SBO-level players attending TX Showdown so we will have an awesome tournament regardless of whether or not Jive Turkey Jones decides to show up.

That having been said, I’m sure those not attending will have their reasons but like I said it doesn’t really matter. If you skip TX Showdown this year, you will be missing out on the beginning of an evolution in the US tournament scene.

lmao whatever

If the evolution of tournaments is to throw games for which only you have the cabinet then I guess its time for me and many others to go the way of the dinosaur


I like how you bitch and moan about how you already know who is going to win and bitch about the singles format when you know the japs are going to team up and take your money in 3s/st/mb/ac/a<3

I didn’t know TX was the only state with 3rd Strike, MVC2, and Super Turbo, and T5: DR cabinets. You just blew my mind! :looney:

I think you might be better off staying at home.

I was talking about melty butt GG:AC and A<3, DR is only at TGA and CF on the EC unless you dropped 600 for a ps3 minus taxes not counting the download or a elecom converter if you want to play on stick. Team formats benefit locals more than people coming from out of state

Told u chris that running teams wouldn’t be a good idea…
Plus its not on console…u really should think about changing it…
Why would anyone enter when your going up against for ex: Sandford/Ypies/Justin… At least in single’s u could see the top players go at it but come on chris this is crazy… At least in the singles there is a chance that the top players could not one another out but this is crazy man…
but its your tourny…just stating my opinion thats all…

Lets see
MVC2 … Justin/Sandford/Whoever(Ypies)
3rd strike … Justin/Whoever/Whovever
Tekken … Crow/Vincent/Whoever(probably Justin)
Guitly Gear … (Well this is the only one thats up in the air)

Well Sorry chris but La will not be attending this year…
Perhaps next year…See u at Evo2k7

The evolution is not for all tournaments to be like showdown, but that people will start to branch out and do whats nessecary for their scene to prosper, even if it’s unpopular at the time.

If it was up for debate that would be one thing, but it appears this is pretty set, and from the little I know about the setup of Showdown itself, I can understand why they would change things the way they have. Just people saying that they would do things differently at a hypothetical tournament with unlimited money, time and no restrictions doesn’t help much.

Just like evo retired games and changed formats for games by choice or by necessity, Showdown is doing the same, and eventually i’m sure all the majors will do something different and continue to do so in the coming years. Some aspects will improve, and some holes will be left for new tournaments to fill. In the end, hopefully, there will be enough tournaments for whatever game and format is better for you, and enough people at the current tournaments to keep things going.

Great, see you guys at EVO for 3S/ST/CVS2/MVC2 part XXXI! Clearly Showdown Championships is not meant for you guys.