Showdown Championships Results

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st Place - Power-DN/Carnevil/Magneto-X
2nd Place - Joey Hernandez/Total Toanage/Buckethead
3rd Place - Luis/The American Dream/Ron-O

Capcom vs SNK 2
1st Place - BAS
2nd Place - Tokido
3rd Place - Buktooth

Melty Blood AC vB
1st Place - Team Japan 1 - Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team Bloody Tuna Melt - Zar/Sp00ky
3rd Place - Team Japan 2 - Nuki/Tokido

Arcana Heart Full!
1st Place - Team Japan - Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team ATXCTF - Marn/Arturo
3rd Place - Team Random Kill - Ranma/Crow

3rd Strike
1st Place - Team Japan - Tokido/Issei/Nuki
2nd Place - Team Austin - Hsien/Mopreme/Fubarduck
3rd Place - Team Upset - The American Dream/Buckethead/Ron-O

Tekken Dark Resurrection
1st Place - Team Japan - Mainstreet Ryu Jr/Taizo/Matador
2nd Place - Team Bronson - Rich/DJ Kor/Bronson Tran
3rd Place - Team Tekken Strikes - Slim/Vick/Crow

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
1st Place - Team Japan - BAS/Ruu/Mint
2nd Place - Team Stargate - Fubarduck/Marn/Jan
3rd Place - Team All Day 4 Free - Big Bryan/R0B0T/Kensou

Bloody Tuna Melt


Also (because noone else will care) good shit to Zar / Sp00ky in MB!

number of entries for each event?

good shit bronson tran

good shit mag-x

good shit marn/arturo

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t think they’re going to release that information. I think for 3s there was like 12 teams or something.

nice job Zar n Spooky

Good shit to my Boy Saiyd and Vic! Your time and dedication to the game has definetly shown. Keep reppin guys!
Also good shit to Arturo for being **extremely ** dedicated to Arcana and hungry enough for taking top 2 with Marn. When you first told me about you getting into the game I had no idea that you would take it to the level that you did keep it up bruh!

I’ll get at you guys to hear the details when we all see eachother at the rally this weekend hopefully!

anybody have more complete cvs2 results (maybe top 8)? like what happened to ohnuki and did kindevu go?


w0w… i missed out on MB. where was crow and kensou at on that?

1st BAS
2nd Tokido
3rd Buktooth
4th Nuki
5th Kim , Guy who used N Vega Bison Mai (I think)

Turn out was really low, I wanna say like 15 or something.
Nuki lost to Buk and tokido
Kindevu didn’t go :frowning:

they wont give this info because they’re ashamed.

the highest turnouts were 3s and tekken dr. both got 39 entries (players, not teams).

the lowest turnout was ST which got cancelled b/c nobody bothered to go to showdown to play it, because it was such a joke.

i believe CvS2 was second lowest with 15 or so singles entries.

what a disaster. and yet both ranma and emotiongear refuse to admit it. when i talked to ranma he said he “expected such a low turnout” because he didn’t think SRK would embrace it. yet he refused to admit that emotiongear clearly said that he is anti-SRK and didn’t care about the SRK gamer. then i talked to emotiongear…and all he could talk about was how the anime convention had over 3000 attendants. no mention of his own gaming tournament, even though that was all he was responsible for…

…RIP Texas Showdown.

Javi, PLEASE SAVE US from this nonsense!

and no mention of how many of those 3000 attendants thought it was poorly run and boooooooring.

i can only hate so much…

in case you were wondering about the results of anime matsuri:

they even got hate from their own members of that site…bwnage!

(delete my original post from the other topic)

I got to say it was really bad.

Tournament wise.
Tournament stretch on for way too long. There were too many times when there were about 1 - 2 hours gaps of people just playing casuals and no one playing for tournament. Not to mention, planning on having all the games run on at the same idea sounded bad on paper and came out bad :wasted:
It really got the point where I just didn’t wanna play anymore. Even talking to the other people (including Houston peeps), they just wanted to get this over with ASAP.
Actually… I don’t think there was many non-Houston peeps around :confused:

Still, it was fun playing Mint and actually taking him out a few times out of the few matches we did play. It’s too bad he could not understand half the stuff I was saying because he seemed like a cool dude.
It’s too bad it was only my 3rd time ever touching AC =/

Con wise.
The con was really bad. There really wasen’t much to check out at all, and having to get a “better badge” just to enter restricted areas was a bad idea. Also, whats with this “omg we lost our templet to the badge, stop the line for 3 hours” crap? Just give us a simple wrist band and were good. Seriously, it look like the guys that were doing all the registration didn’t bother trying to get a plan B. Nor did they bother when the situation got really bad.

Aside from playing the japs, it was an awful experiences =/

Goooooo marn~ team austin 4eva

Found what appears to be 3S finals at that random anime forum affilliated with this tournament. Poor recording quality.


When were the players told that the bracket would be reset? After or before the Japanese team was sent to losers?

i don’t think it’s fair that they resetted entire bracket for Finals. Austin should’ve got another chance

That sounds like Surf and Destroy to me.

So has the guy who ran the tournaments posted here yet to discuss or do we just not matter? Not like we really cared any ways.

doesn’t matter, emo gear is in la la land.