Showdown in the South 5 Full Results



  1. Mixup
  2. Jhavier the Pavillion
  3. Blaziniflo

MvC2 Teams
1.Team G-Unit (blaziniflo and dbs)
2. Team Orlando (edar and adam)


  1. Alex Navarro
  2. Trent

1.Robert Rios
2.Alex Navarro


  1. Alex Garvin
  2. Chetan Bedi
  3. Jeff Haidern98

Full Results and Apex points will be up tomorrow.


Seeing how justin was pretty brief up there with team tourney results, jon sindel and myself forfeit so gainesville and orlando could go at it. Justin backs out of grudge match with eder after beating him in finals of tourney.

Everyone backed out of grudge matches except for ozzie and eder.

Eder gets 40$ in the hole and then works his way back to only 5$ to the force.

Tourney was dope and all for marvel players but i wonder why we even throw the other shit when there is no attendance :mad:

I have a ps2 to play ggxx on now(got it today)

I’ll post a tourney report later(in wanna-be stilt style)



My name is spell “Javier” & not Jhavier. And its Khameleon. =P

When u & mike coming back to jax so we can all chill again?

Mixup: You forgot to mention me & ozzie’s grudge match. I won $10 :slight_smile:


Of course Justin mentions 3rd place for Mvc2 cause it was him, but not that I got 3rd place in Cvs2 and 3s :lol: :lol:.

Mike hope you make it to mine next week, We’ll make Tekken alot of fun.

And big Pete bring a copy of T4 and TTT so we can play both if there’s time.


WOOOO Justin… Its HEIDERN98 with an E… hEidern98 and the name is Jeff Tessar. I have two accounts. One that you entered last time as Haidern98 Jeffrey Tessar and the tourny from Orlando as Jeff Tessar Heidern98. I would like the problem fixed but hey Jeff Tessar Heidern98 would be fine.

Great fun btw… post way more tommorrow… havent slept yet.:wasted:


Cool, tournament actually RAN ON TIME! :stuck_out_tongue:

Things learned from the tournament

  • Justin got better
  • Mag/Storm/Tron is way too good
  • Allen’s Mag/Cable/CapCom should have got us first.
  • Allen’s elimination list just got smaller.
  • Allen only plays in Team Tournaments :lol:
  • CJ makes sticks that are TOO FUCKIN GOOD (BTW my brother loved it, thanks ;))
  • Mike gets owned by Guile’s ub+fk, Doom resets, and Team Tournament Allen. :lol:
  • Erik has the same curse I do, the “Lose to Eder curse”. :o.
  • Sugneto is nothing compared to Magnetic HEAT.
  • Magnetic HEAT is nothing compared to Team Chedder
  • Xander fears Team Back and Fierce.
  • The MVC2 DVD is sweet.


I like #3,4,5 on your list…haha:lol:

Anyways… very cool tournement… ran great… but I guess I hoped it ran later since I did better at night @_@

Justin, you have gotten a lot better… but I should have beat you…:bluu: :lol:
Mike, MSC isn’t working for you nomore… but who cares… MST is way to good…
Micheal’s cable is way to good:eek:
Cragi, the list man… the list… :slight_smile:


anyways cant post right now… maybe more laters

Anyways… some pics I took there Click Here

But hey… some pics are resticted from being posted…:bluu:

But I’ll probably add more pics laterz :slight_smile:


I had a good time it was a fun tourney. U R right about the size, but alot more ppl showed up than I expected. There are 2 major tourneys coming up in July maybe that had somethin to do with it.

7 ppl came for Orlando for cvs2. It was good to see ppl from Miami come play too, Robert Rios held that shit down in 3S!!! Too Good!!!:evil: :lol:


Dude, those pics are not working when I try to zoom in on it o_0…


Tourny was mad fun thanks go out to Justin for throwing it and Eric for letting us up end his business for the day again.


Man this shit was great. Lots of great players and watching MVC2 is the shit. That game is the best entertaining game to watch. MVC2 DVD is the shit. Justin and Mike are way to good at that game.

All the people were cool and I can’t wait for next months tourny. I have to thank Mike for housing me and the Miami crew. Also the gotta thank Jon for housing me and Alex on Friday night and fixing my MAS. Saved my ass big time.

Saturday night… Some people got way to wasted. Infinite should watch how he sleeps from now on. :lol: I have never heard a man snore like Ozzie. That shit scared the living hell out of me. Thanks for having us.

My GGXX skills are much more poor then a month ago but I think that I am going to win that shit next time, even with Chetan, Robert and Alex in it. Congrats to all the winners and great players.

OH and Mike… getting working on that Venom. That GGXX Extreme Evolution vid should be a good starting tool. If I want someone to whoop me up in the next GGXX tourny… it better be you.:lol:

Peace Mofo’s



Actually i figured i could get away with playing mst because nobody is used to it. Msc still for the clutch

Oh and mag/cable/doom too cheap.

Bad only because of no sleep, i didn’t get to use my cool tricks:mad:

Sombody post teams


Crazy people tellin MSC don’t work for Mike.


That mess was all over Wigfall like Mike on herb

Hi I am Magneto punch punch kick kick yeah bring some Cyclops I got your back Mags I’ll put him up in the air for you Thank you Cyke I think I’ll Tempest that shit Oh hey Storm take that shit Oh okay Hailstorm damn that silly fool just died

damn what is this painkiller they gave me it is the bomb


fuck the 151 I gotta get me some of what ever your on now…


damn did craig enter the tourny? and how did xander do??


Well it cool for me… I know about MST… thats the team I play right now… anyways… I beat you… and I’m not comming to anymore tourney… so…:stuck_out_tongue: I got last win…:evil: Mwahahahah!!!

Yeah they both entered… but… ehhh… Craig did okay… but Xander… got same place a me… last…:frowning:

Oh yeah… I dunno what wrong with the pics


Are you talking about Megaman/Servbot/T-Boone!!
:confused: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah… Megaman, Servbot, Tronne… is complete ownage:evil:+ :lol:

Naw… Magento Storm Tronne… he’s gotten ready for payback on MSP… but still… MSP is waayyy better.:smiley: … oh yeah… snapback owns that team aswell as MSP…


Stop telling peopl that was your last tourny you know good amn damn well thats a lie Allen how do you expect that list to get smaller? Is Craig off the list I remember two in a row at the end of the night…And My Chun Li went undefeted in 3s thats right people a perfect 5-0 with her…


shhhhhhhh… they arent suppose to know that…

Anyways list is for single play only like I said… if it was team tourney… check check on like everyone…:lol: