Showdown in the South Full Results

This was a great tournament, and it was so much fun. Thanks for coming guys, and I didn’t have one complaint all night…well a few from gay john, but what else can u expect?

CvS2 Singles

  1. Alex Navarro
  2. Trent Van Deven
  3. Colin Caldwell
  4. Brian Takata
  5. Eric Jefferies
    John Sindel
  6. Craig DuFour
    Brian Graham
  7. TBear
    Cric Wesley
  8. Pete Mikalef
    Rick Stalvey


  1. Brian Takata
  2. Alex Navarro
  3. Robert Rios
  4. Onyx
  5. Colin Caldwell
    Wallace Johnson
  6. Eric Jeffferies
    Lelan Miller
  7. Troy Wesley
    Van Hoang
    Nathan Roach
    Aaron Cornette
    11.Andy Phillips
    Rick Stalvey
    Ozzie Desilise
    CJ Trunks
  8. Craig DuFour
    Ben Acosta
    Ryan Waxberg


  1. Chris “Fucking” Creecy
  2. Duane Mccorkle
  3. Colin
  4. Alex Garvin
  5. Alex Navarro
  6. Michael Williams
  7. Issac A
    Andrew F
    Eric J
  8. Leland Miller
    Mark H


  1. Alex Navarro
  2. Brian takata
    4.John Sindel
  3. Eder Resendiz
    Rick Stalvey
  4. Adam “Blaziniflo’s Bitch” Burghardt
    Nathan Roach
    Eric “I got a MAS for $5” Wesley
    Eric J
  5. Leland Miller
    T Bear
    Allen Hou
    Ryan Waxberg

2.patrick henry
3.Issac nicholson
4.Chris Fucking Creecy
5. Alex Garvin
Brian Takata
7.Michael Williams
Justin Zhou
9.Jimmy Francis
Ben Acosta
Mohammad A
Erik Johnson
Eder Resendiz
Craig Dufour
Adam Burgerheart
17.Allen Hou
Eric J
Pete Mikalef
Ozzie Desilise

Team Tourney MvC2

  1. New Orleans
  2. Azn Anjelz


what’d my homie place in mvc2

good job on winnin 3s!

5th place with losses to chris creesey, twice

How many total people entered?
Any videos online?
How much was the prize $?

Damn, New Orlean owned mvc2 team tourney. Good job Chris, Patrick and whoever the third member is.

Good fucking job new orleans, represent and i own all who step in the way

5th in 3rd strike, d@mn, i shouldnt have stoped playing, ill be ready next time!!

What happened Erik? I expected to see you in the top 5 for Marvel at least buddy.

You people botched my name again. This happened in UCF too. “Leland” has a “d” at the end. I’m content with 7th place since this was my first 3rd Strike tournament.

GO NO!!! first shwdwn then dis !!!gogogo
also big props to mike MIX you still be triil:)

CJ placed higher than Craig in 3s? Oh…that’s too damn funny. Whats up with the half assed results for the rest of the tournaments?

Hey whats up, sorry for saying i would be there and wasn’t. I have crazy work for school, i couldn’t go and play games. I wanted to so bad though, especially ggx2. Anyone got any footage on that? Glad the rest of my tek peeps went, and had some fun. Hopefully i can attend the next one if school aint up my ass lol, peace.

What up this be Eric Jeffries, spell my name right dammit! LOL :lol: Anyway for Apex this is HaoGui so hit me up wit da pointz yo!

Haha, good job for winning GGXX Chris, and Duane for placing 3rd. Now I won’t have a good reason for kicking your ass in GGXX when you guys get back. :lol:

Uhhh Colin got third in GGXX y’all made a mistake. The guy using Venom got 2nd right…

craig played cvs2???

oh well…and how did craig go from 1st in 3s in the last tourny (i think) to dead last…

damn i will go to the next tourny and hopefully own in ggxx…

Tourny was mad fun…But Justin you have to do something about the time man you can’t be starting a tourny 5 hours after the set time…people get tired and shit just my opinion…Mabey take out a game (CVS2 singles…:Waits for shit to be thrown at me:

Good job to the GGXX player who got first, and mixup who got first in mvc2. I think if me and mixup were in a finals match, it would be interesting to see.

Hmm, who knows, it could happen:)

While I had a great time I have one minor complaint concerning the 3rd Strike brackets.

The players that were supposed to be seeded in the 3S tournament were the following:

1.) June Ro
2.) Nathan Roach (me)
3.) Colin Caldwell
4.) Richard West

Now out of those four Colin and I were the only ones to attend this past Saturday. Regardless, we still should have been seeded so that we wouldn’t have to face each other after 2-3 fights in the winners bracket.

I honestly didn’t mind (if I did I would have said something right then and there) but I just wanted to point this out for future reference. :wink:


Onto the tournament itself!

In 3S I choked the big one. Casual play before hand was just me dicking around and in a ways I wish I took it a more seriously before the tournament started so I could have prep’ed myself mentally.

Come time for the tournament I had a hard time focusing and keeping my cool which in return really hurt my performance (that and Colin’s Makoto beating the freaking Bejeezus out of me didn’t help either. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Ah well, just gives me more incentive to try and make a come back next time. (“Hai! Back to training for me!”)

For anyone interested here’s who the Top 5 in 3S used:

1st.) Brain Takata (Ken SAIII/Urien SAIII/Yun SAIII)
2nd.) Alex Navarro (Chun-li SAII)
3rd.) Robert Rios (Ken SAIII)
4th.) Onyx (Dudley SAIII/Oro SAII)
5th.) Colin Caldwell (Makoto SAII)
5th.) Wallace Johnson (Alex SAII)

Alex “I don’t play this game” Navarro (:lol: ) was doing real well with his “Jiggle N’ Throw” Chun-li until Brian Takata picked Genei Jin Yun, then things got ugly fast. :eek:

Props go out to everyone who placed in the Top 5, good job guys.

Best part about the this whole weekend was playing Capcom vs. SNK ONE with Colin Caldwell and Trent Van Deven for about 2-3 hours solid.

That and going to Steak N’ Shake and watching Colin confront the Mushroom Swiss Burger which came from the bowels of Hell. :lol:

Ah that was too much fun. :smiley: Really had a great time hanging with you guys (Colin, Trent, and Rick.).

I hope everyone who came from out of town (Rick, Trent, Colin, Isaac, Team Jax, Alex Navarro, Robert Rios, etc.) had a safe ride home.

Oh and before I forget…

Thanks go out to Van Hoang (Zerostance) for putting us up for the night on such short notice. We really appreciate it. Thank you!

Props to CJ for letting me play him in a game of Bust - A - Groove (and some Metal Slug). That was really fun!

hmm intresting results…