Showdown In the South Results: Florida MvC2, CvS2, 3S


Full Resutls

  1. Isaac Nicholson “Raekwon187”
  2. Javier Chorrillos “Khameleon”
  3. Xander Matchett “Weapon X”
  4. Michael Williams “-=Infinite=-”
  5. Craig DuFour “MAXIMUS”
  6. Patrick Henry “Vegita-x”
  7. Will Francis
  8. Eder Resendiz
  9. Justin Zhou “Blaziniflo”
  10. Adam Burghardt “Sugarman”
  11. Mike Mixon “Mixup”
  12. Jimmy Francis “First Attack”
  13. Peter Gonzalez “hotcakes0007O_o”
  14. Allen Hou “Asian Demon”
  15. Ozzie Delisle “Sentinels Force”
  16. Parker Selbert “Xist”
  17. Bruce Hwang “Mirror”
  18. Brian Kapplow “Kapplow”
  19. Erik Johnson “DBS”
  20. Tony Yen
  21. Colin Caldwell “Halcyonryu”
  22. Jay Moreno “Sorry ass hell”
  23. Van Hoang “Zerostance”
  24. Mohammad Abdel-Hammeed “mohstdef”
  25. Alex Garvin “Mozanrath”
  26. Pete Mikalef “Big Pete Roasa”
  27. Jason Boler “Crono_Mashitoka”
  28. JD Angerson “xBlackheartx”
  29. Ed Strunk “MizterED” : Hulk/Juggy/Colossus
  30. Chris Drey “Irioku”
  31. Chris Melendez “MB” : Strider/Sent/Doom

Comments: Issac and Javier had one of the best series I’ve seen in recent memory going 3-4, 4-3 in Isaac’s favor. Ozzie and Mixup, the heavy favorites to win, were both knocked out early by Peter Gonzalez and Michael Williams respectively. Lots of strange shit happening, with all the heavily favorited players getting knocked out early.


  1. Colin Caldwell “halcyonryu”
  2. Trent Van Deven “Tr3nt”
  3. June Ro “dooboy”
  4. Richard West “RawSkillz”
  5. Don Mack
  6. Chetan Bedi
  7. Ricky Stalvey “Shinma_sama”
  8. Mike Mixon “Mixup”
  9. Nathan Roach “SilverGear”
  10. Michael Beattie
  11. Alex Jebailey “GUINNESS”
  12. Eric Wesley “yelsew”
  13. Ed Strunk “MizterED”
  14. Brian Graham “Mummy-B”

Comment: Colin beats Trent. Holy shit!!!

CvS2 Singles

  1. Trent
  2. Colin
  3. John Sindel
  4. June Ro
  5. Alex Jebailey
  6. Javier Rivera
  7. Chetan Bedi
  8. Alex Garvin
  9. Richard West
  10. Rick Stalvey
  11. Mike Mixon
  12. Terrance

1st June Ro
2nd Silvergear

SilverGear has full results and he’ll post em up.

MvC2 Teams

  1. Adam/Eder/Isaac
  2. Justin/Allen/Patrick
  3. Mixup/Erik/Ozzie
  4. Bryan/Ed/Chris (MB)
  5. Rick/Jimmy/Trent filling in for Craig/Xander/Parker
  6. Pete/Peter/Colin

Comment: Patrick Henry from New Orleans has hands down THE SICKEST Rogue I’ve ever seen in my life. Went through Ozzie/Erik/Mixup like butter 3-0, didn’t lose a single game.

It was a great tourney, looking forward to the next one in March. Thanks to everyone that showed up.

And Thnx to my boys Erik and Brian. Without them this tournament would not have been possible. And also thanks to everyone that helped lend their equipment and helped setup. My gratitudes for all the help. I don’t know what I would have done without u guys.


Wow I really wanna see what happened here!

Neither Mike nor Ozzie placed top 3… good job Isaac :wink:


good job, isac, colin, and june. way to represent!


CvS2 results

1st: Trent Van Deven (A-Nakoruru, A-Cammy)
2nd: Colin Caldwell (N-Blanka)
3rd: June Ro (N-Kim, N-Yamazaki)

1st: Colin Caldwell (K-Kyo, Geese, Blanka)
2nd: Trent Vandeven (A-Cammy, Yuri, Nakoruru, Hibiki)
3rd: June Ro (N-Kim, Sagat, Yamazaki)

1st: Colin/Trent/Alex J. (various characters)
2nd: Richard/Terrence/LiL Bro
3rd: Don Mac/ ??/ ??

Had fun. Good comp. Once again made twice as much from both Melee tournaments on Friday then all 3 CvS2 tournaments combined.
CvS2 sucks, It’s all about Melee. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, Silvergear, GO GO! =D


Good job June , Trent and Collin !

Congrats Isaac…did you have to face the nightmare Rouge and what about some video footage sometime soon (ahem…Silvergear…cough cough , WWN):slight_smile:



Congrats June Isaac Colin!

What are the Melee Results???:confused:

And Ted y’all should play this guy that plays Rogue down here, he’s pretty sick with Rogue, Doom, Storm


He’s from Atlanta ???:eek:

I need to come down to the ATL anyway . I havn’t played seriously in 2 months and I’m itching for some comp.
I’m getting back into MvC2 a little anyway…



Well all i got to say is that was fun:D alot of peeps came to that and was somewhat of a challange:) one thing we didnt like what the fact that we couldnt move for shit:mad: but all in all it was a great tourny hope to c u guys at the next one:cool:


No ted, eric j. “Haogui” is talking about a local scrub at north dekalb mall who uses rouge. That guy was from New Or.

Great job June, Colin, Isaac, and don mac for repping the crew.

Yo blaz, June Ro “dooboy” is from the ATL. Wish I could have came.:frowning: Also the falcons lost last night, so i’m really bummed out.:frowning:

Way to go Natedog “Silvergear” for representing Q hardcore getting 2nd place!

I have a question? Did Eric Williams “Earwig” go to the tournament?


Hey Guys sry I couldn’t make it there at that tourney to See the Madness of rouge by Pat. I cant believe he took out all of them,
Great Great job Pat. I knew you could do it!!!Get hit By T-boone and Damn.
Thx Justin for hanging with My boyy foo. Thx So much… Sry I was not there, But I will be there Next one… i MISS mY FUCKING BUS WITH PAT LOL…
Nice Tourney!!! MSP4LIFE!!!


just like to say thx to flo for hosting this tourney and that I’ll be looking forward to the next one.


pat is the best… he owned everyone at mwc. how come he switched jugs for storm? thats just cheating…


How many people enter each tournament? :confused:


Skillmatic MvC2 to place 1st @ FL and in top 5 in charlotte!



Great tournament everyone.:smiley:

Well did better than I would think, I lost to Cragi and Javiar because their really too good.
But kinda of early though.

The best players seems to have done really bad that day.
Mike, Ozzie, and Javiar almost lost real early. Mike couldn’t even keep up one infinite.

Anyways great tournament. Was really stuff up in there. I wish they have a arcade though. It was funny how some people make excuses because something went wrong with the DC…

We the funnest thing for me was the team tournament in which my team mates were Justin and Pat. They were too good especally Pat. His Rouge owned everyone for free. Good thing he was on my team.

Oh yea Mike(infinite) until next time if we gets to play.:evil:
Team D gets owned…but not by me cuz your boy Javiar beat me.

Lets see the people that played on team Jax kinda confused me… They some how gots some info on me and start to play Striter/Doom against me. I heard that they couldn’t play that team… but yet they picked them to play against me. Cragi is a cheater.:mad:jk

I know that 31 player joined MvC2 and thats all… Lot of people were too scared to play.


Well the tourny was really fun. I got eliminated early this time. (Somehow i got to face Justin in the 1st round again and he owns me:bluu: then lost to somebody i cant remember)…I did alot better playing people casually than in the tourny which makes no sense to me… next time i think i’ll join in the cvs2 ratio tourny!!!


how the fuck did isaac win this…you guys must really suck or were all drunk the entire tourney:confused:


Yeah! Go Team PSL! Silvergear representin! :smiley:


:lol: :lol: :lol: heh whatever u say, u got lucky this time. heh and how come you didn’t say anything be4 the tourny started? we coulda played then hehehe…whatever. it was a fun tourny, weird finals. I should have just won the whole tourny, that’s what I get for being nice.good shit, that’s what’s u get mike for playing msp and messing up infinites, just go for shockwave n shit :stuck_out_tongue: oh and rouge is a beast