Showing off a pic of my new control panel

Thing is about 95% done now, just need to paint the top and throw a few more screws/bolts in it and it will be done.

It is replacing the mediocre super angled control panel that came on the SF3 new generation cab I bought a couple months ago.

All sanwa parts, The extra buttons across the top are for 1p and 2p coin, Pause, Enter, Exit. Once I can get the donor PC hooked up, It will be set up as a MAME cab

looks pretty sweet so far

its great, the space between the stick and the buttons is perfect

too many buttons next to each other it will get confusing while playing.

I took the template from this page, It printed out exactly to scale, so we bascially just taped it down and drilled pilot holes through cross in the middle of each button.

As far as getting confused… I think everyone knows the standard 6 button SF combo, This is actually easier to not get confused than say the HRAP layout, because its much easier to tell if you’re on one of the wrong buttons

Dope, but personally I don’t like extra buttons besides six.

Why is the 2P joystick at an angle?

That’s gonna screw you up bad


I don’t think so, person just stands at a slight angle. Although, with that much space in between both players you don’t really need that angle.

It really doesn’t screw you up, as albert said, you stand at a slight angle. The buttons are turned with the joystick,and it pulls your elbows far away from each other

They’re sanwa sticks with square restrictors, You know your corners without fail.

oooo thanks for the link


EDIT: kudos to kowals!

Just to give credit where it’s due, that’s kowal’s site, one of the members here.

Well, His templates were extremely helpful, made things a lot easier on layout. Props to him

Oh wow, that’s a really awesome site.

Edit: Despite the fact I dig the exact diagrams, I would love to see this in english.

Got it painted up and mounted. I’ll get around to putting art on it eventually.

^^ Looks nice, you should have made both at an angle just to make it symmetrical for the look.

cant find a decent polish web page translator but the info was helpful

partially translated

That’s an amazing setup. Truly impressed. :slight_smile:
That website you linked to appears down now, though.

It is indeed down, this is a shame. I was out and about looking for a translator myself Sex, found nothing other than gibberish.

i just checked and it’s up.

The interwebs are denying me then, not seeing it in Firefox or IE.