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alright guys i know other forums have all sorts of art contests but this one doesnt so i’m starting one. Rules are you draw any two streetfighter characters together in color with background. i dont care what they are doing or what kind of background. one entry per person and i’ll choose the winner, just post here. starts today 8/15 and ends 9/15. for incentive winner will get 50 bucks of my own money. not alot of money but it would make a cool portfolio piece and you’ll have some fun. hopefully this contest would end my crazy streetfighter addiction.


Cool hope to see all the entries, though i won’t be entering cause I’ll be too busy with painting some other persons crap.


ooooh, are you serious? That’s awesome. This might be just the incentive I need to get off my ass and actually produce something :slight_smile: You’re the man, Sweet.


You all are going to see the most awesome display of drag and drop, cut and crop sprite art in the world…

I Thought I Wasn't a Beginner
I Thought I Wasn't a Beginner

I’m in… If I don’t get arthritis from the fuggin mouse. :bluu:


Sounds Good

Boo to photoshop users though. If you ask me, its all hand or nothing.


Sounds Good

thats a pretty lame statement. u owe it to yourself to never read, buy, or even think of a comic for that matter. since they are all down on computer nowadays.


Do you expect to get a job in the industry involving design or graphic editing without knowing how to use Photoshop? Even comic artists have to know how to use a CG tool of some kind.

What you are doing is limiting yourself, learn how to use Photoshop. Photoshop opens up a new level of skill in art.


i dunno i think 50 a bunch, well thats cuz im broke and got no job…dammit i need one.

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Im taking photoshop this semester:). I was just saying that not everyone is capable of photoshop, but every one is capable of drawing by hand. So to make the contest even it should all be done by hand. But then again its not my contest nor my rules. Either way Im gonna enter. I dont wanna argue, arguing ensues flame wars and anarchy. Lets keep this civilized.


I’m going to enter but how do i know you’ll pay. You’ve always been a jerk in this forum so how do we know this isn’t a trick for your amusement?



but I dont see the advatage of a person who uses photoshop or MS paint.


Yes a little iffy, but a “fake” artist wouldn’t talk about portfolio pieces. If he doesn’t pay you have still have a piece, so everyone wins.

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why cant we all just NOT use photoshop for this particular contest? level playing ground


there’s other ways to color than photoshop if you don’t have it.

pastels, acrylics, oils, colored pencils, markers.

if you’re good with them it’s just as good as a cg piece.

plus, traditional media will make the portfolio piece more impressive, at least in my experience.

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The World’s most polite anti-government protestors
The World’s most polite anti-government protestors

what the hell? Do people really need 50$ that badly:wtf:
If your gonna enter, enter…If there’s one thing I hate is artists who can’t stop bitching about one thing or another…I see enough of that at school:bluu:

I’m not sure if I’m gonna enter, but kudos to you Sweet. I’m impressed you even care that much :cool:


:bluu: Well you cant get all the nifty visuals and eye candy using premitive media such as pencil, inks, charcoal, pastel, paints and so forth than you could using photoshop. I would feel better knowing that I did all of it by hand and didnt have to really on a machine to color and blend for me. But thats just me.:slight_smile:


Photoshop’s justa tool like a pencil, ink, whatever. It takes just as much, maybe even more skill to USE that skill to your advantage… why limit yourself if it’s not in the rules Sweet gave us? Let’s just do what we wanna/gotta do, isn’t that what art all comes down to, dood? :lol:


Stop complaining, just let sweet judge how well I use photoshop and how well you use pencil, pen, etc.


I’m down for this. All out of paints, so it’s gonna be a b&w or a CG. ^^

Come on kids, don’t go back and forth about the inner-workings of color; just get working on this ^^

Oh yeah - do you want just one submission per person, sweet?