Shows, games, and other media that would translate well to the fighting genre


:[ that made me sad

I have long held the belief that a Hellsing fighting game developed by Arc System Works would be the best licensed game of all time

James Bond + Henchmen.

Oddjob, Jaws, Nick Nack, May Day, Klebb, Bambi and Thumper, Chang, Generic Red Grant etc etc.

Most of the main villains weren’t really interesting. Francisco Scaramanga would be cool as fuck though.

Fighting game based on the Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku series

here you go The Beautiful Lovechild of Two Amazing Games: a Pokemon Fighter (guide in development)

honourable mention Battle Capacity (a fighting game by me)

Ranma, motherfuckers.

Got you covered…½_video_games

You must be young. Or just lazy.

I am guessing both.

On that note. Medaka Box would be great for all you guys that love your high school broads. Of course it probably wouldn’t appeal to you unless they all adhered to some terrible jap sterotyped personality.

Why can’t we get a Def Jam but for rock and roll or metal? Is it because heroin would be the final boss?

I’m 27 and i know and played every SFC Ranma game… i’m talking about a GOOD fighting game, Hard Battle was decent but it was sloooooooow as hell, even more slow than World Warriors… and don’t get me started with the PlayStation game.

Ranma had so much potential for develop an excellent fighting game.

EDIT: Yeah i also already know about this:

You’re cool in my book.

For a pedo.

Seriously though. Almost any old Jrpg or anime I can think of I wanted to make into a fighting game. Lunar, Record of Lodoss, shit even Slayers.

Of course thinking of Lodoss makes me wanna bring it way back. Make a fighting game that is based off of fucking Sword World.

Blade Runner.

lol, thanks for that, i will demand my Balrog DLC for Arcana Heart 3 next time in your honor.

I think Ranma is now at the perfect time, there is even a Dorama coming so is still popular after all those years. Of course i will love to see a Record of Lodoss War game but sadly the franchise is pretty dead to my eyes.

Legend of the Legendary heros could be a good one, haven’t seen many straight up fantasy fighters around besides that Chaos Breaker and there’s a decent amount of characters who could be used.

Thinking of Needless as well since it also has plenty of different characters that could adapt to fighting game characters but it’d be a shame not to have the main character, Cruz playable, but I can’t really see a movelist for him either.

Maybe Darker than Black would work as well, that also has plenty of characters with different powers to make playable.

Also +1 for Deadman Wonderland

Maybe I am old, but I would like a Vampire Hunter D fighting game. They could get crazy with the monster/vamp designs.

Like a different, less “goofy” take on darkstalkers.

And I still would like a 2D Batman universe fighting games, based on the Batman: TAS designs. I just want all that lovely vibe in my beloved genre. It could be more grounded like a SF4 game/pace, and not crazy like VS. games.

Slayers would be good as an RPG (Not the half-assed one for Saturn though).

The Sonic games need a proper game already. The closest we got was Sonic Battle, and as fun as that one was, it was broken as all hell.

There aren’t any fighters based on the manga Riki-Oh, are there?
Or better yet, a giant mecha fighter…based on Megas XLR.

Have you played Sonic The Fighters/Championship? Sonic-style Virtua Fighter game. They should make a sequel.

AFAIK, everyone’s balanced, except for maybe Fang/Nack.


Seriously, Guyver.

For fucks sake, GUYVER!!

What more needs to be said to make this happen, we should have had this game on Neogeo or CPS2 hardware, there’s no excuse now.


Also I want CHILDHOODxCARTOONS, with characters from Heman, Samurai Pizza Cats, Thundercats, Defenders of The Earth, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, that show with the giant gold totem animals, Gummy Bears, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (?), Transformers, Captain Planet, Gem, Galaxy High, Prostars, Shera and Vicky the Viking. Booyah!

Why is One Piece stuck with half assed adaptations that nobody gives two shits about when Naruto gets the high-profile, high-budget games is beyond me.

Doesn’t One Piece make more money than Naruto ?