Shred Has A Room for Rent

Hey guys,

So I have to find a new roommate within the next month and I figured I’d tell you guys first since you’re the homies. If anyone is looking to move and you’re good with bills let me know. Here’s some details:

-It’s in downtown Tacoma.
-It’s a newer town house with a lot of room.
-The room is connected to your own bathroom
-It’s also connected to a spare room where you can put crap.
-It’s just me and my girl living here. We’ve been here for 2 years.

Bills(per month):


If you want more info just PM me and we can talk a little more. Like I said, if you’re looking for a place and you can afford the bills let me know. It’s a chill house that’s already furnished except for the room for rent. Thanks guys.