Shredelicious' new name should be Shredder. Y/N?


Let’s vote! :woot:

EDIT: Apparently polls don’t work anymore.

I vote yes! I know mandel and pyeek do too! lmao.





double post…

for emphasis.


Named after this guy…? YES!!!


If he can beat my Blanka in a FT5 then he can call himself Jesus!

Sound fair PNW?


I’ll add you. :slight_smile:


Abel kinda rapes Blanka…


all jokes aside, shoutouts to Shred for doing great in the team tourney.
I saw the end of the stream, and everybody was tight.

Shoutouts to Deezo for being the karnov of WA


not me. I hate blanka.

Thanks. Twas a good time.

Edit: 4 votes so far. I’m looking for 7.


Short answer? Yes.

LOL thank you. Although the Karnov exhibition is nothing in front of Afrocole heroics.


Shredder will rise again



And an extra character because I can’t do three letter posts.

Yes, I just typed a whole additional sentence so that I could post it.

That’s how serious this is.


Shredder for the win. Your avatar needs to be THE SHEDDER.


When I heard them callin matt shredder…what did you just call him?shredder,oh mannnn that’s gotta be your name now dude,I think a s/n change is in order haha


Well I suppose the verdict is in… Shredder it is folks.

Can anyone link me to Mister Wizard’s page so I can PM him? I tried searching but had no luck. Or suggest another method by which I can change my handle…


just do what i did and make a new thing and go add all your friends


so we have a kriang, a shredder, a seattle footclan, a robo orokusaki, a beebop3000…

but to truly be shredder, you need this:

TMNT Shredder Hooded SweatShirt


Ummm… yes please.


that sweater is too dope.


Matts name Shredelicious has something to do with Hakie sack, and im not joking

So ur the Shredder now? lol im kinda mad now i had to work the weekend or else i would of witnessed this