ShredNebula Launching 9/3/08 & 7 ships revealed!

Update 9/2/08: Shred Nebula hits the service about 1am PST on 9/3/08!!
New ships revealed here:
**Developer Ship Reveals: **
RAILSTINGER (8 player footage!)

HYDRA (a big slow ship + 8 playe footage)

DARKWAVE (transformable ship, 4 and 8 player footage!)

Move key link near bottom of this post.

Last week on x-play I announced plans to do a tournament on Shred Nebula with the goal of raising $50k in cash prizes.
Here is the Final Official Trailer which shows a lot more Multiplayer:

On X-Play, I cited Shred as the MMA of deathmatch, claiming that us fighting game players vs. 1st person shooter players (each side having a different battle/martial art skill in theory) would converge in Shred Nebula as a place where I do not know what type of player would in fact be the best. Thus making the potential for an awesome tournament spanning different player types totally worth doing. Your feedback on this would be great to hear (especially once the game is out) so I can start planning in earnest.

I know it sounds crazy:wow:, but that is the game we built, taking DM style gaming and fusing in ships that have depth and characteristics from fighting games. We are releasing a series of walkthrough videos showing how each MP ship works and a glimpse into how the fights layout 1 on 1.

We are also doing something for the game design community, which is release our Shred Nebula design and pitch documents on launch for reference on how a released XLBA was actually pitched and designed. This will showcase techniques refined since our time at Capcom Japan and really make it easy to get your idea across so other ‘get it’.

There is 1 week to the launch of Shred Nebula, we will be pumping out more videos and unless it is not ok, I will just keep updating them here. Anyone wanting to see more details can always see them all at

Here is the latest and greatest:

X-Play Interview (web only): $50K Tournament in planning!

Full X-Play Interview (web only): Design Documents!:

**Developer Ship Reveals: **
RIP ROCKET & GUARDBOT + Basic System Level Reveal

NEW!! MARAUDER & DJINN + Intermediate play (1 on 1) quick examples

Check out the moves for all multiplayer ships here (7 unlocked so far):

1st Reveal Teaser:

Official Trailer 1:

Official Trailer 2 (and final trailer):

That’s all for now.

*** The usual disclaimer so no one gets upset I am posting about a space game here: This game was self funded & made by 5 first time developers + Dave Winstead and DJames Goddard - hardcore fighting developers of for over 15+ years each and games like SFII Hyper Fighting Arcade, SSFIIT Arcade, WeaponLord, etc. under our belts. So please do not flag us for posting here, this is our roots and the game was made with these roots thru&thru.

looking good james! can’t wait to play! reminds me of star control on crack, and then some =)

if there’s no grappler ship it gets no play from me

this looks pretty sweet, can’t wait till final release!

This looks so fucking good man.

this looks mighty fun. i remember your original post and i remember sending you a message soon after about the game industry. i’ll definitely be checking this out when it comes out, hope your release kicks ass. :slight_smile:

Bump: X-play interview news added to main thread message. Also, last night I hosted a small get together in so-cal to play Shred Nebula with a handful of shoryuken members. Thanks for hanging out and shredding with me! (we also played some oldskool SFII Hyper at the end, which was really fun too!).

“I’m interested in this”

Thanks for having us, and for all the info

good man :tup:

I was there for the get together and got some hands on time with Shred Nebula. Got to try out single player adventure mode and also played some multiplayer 1 vs 1 death match.

Thought I share some info with you guys:

Single Player Adventure
Started with a tutorial. It teachs you how to maneuver your ship, use your weapons, navigate through the level, compete objectives, among other things. Left stick only points you in a certain direction. LT accelerates, LB is reverse. So flying by an enemy while shotting them, then flying in reverse when you pass them to continue shooting them may require some practice at first. RB is shield, double tap RB is reflect enemy projectile - kinda like parrying where you have to time it just right. Cool thing is that it has a “whiff” state so you shouldn’t mash it. I believe the penalty for whiff is that you can’t shield or reflect for a brief moment afterwards. After the tutorial, you’ll find yourself navigating through the level searching/engaging items, enemies, and completing objectives to move on to the next level. There’s a lot of story elements throughout the process and story logs that you can collect and read. (Buttons can be reconfigured. I believe the above notes are default assignments, but I’m not completely sure)

Multiplayer 1 vs 1 Deathmatch
We played this on split screen; there was only 1 tv and 1 xbox available at the time. For my first game, I played as Rip Rocket and James used Guardbot. I think he killed me 6 times before I was able to kill him once, and I think he gave me that kill. :rofl: We played on the map seen in the vid he posted above ( There’s health and power up items scattered throughout the map. At first I started to bum rush him and just start shooting at him, but he would shield my shots, then fly around me and shoot me till I died. I do this a few more times and depending on where he was on the map, he would play it different. If there was a choke point, he would fly away through it, then when I chased after him, I come to find that he had left a Sludge Cloud there waiting for me. No luck, I kept dying - bum rushing just won’t work here. So I play it safe and shoot him from a distance, then finally used my shield more often when he shot back. This was better, I was surviving longer and actually doing some more damage, but then he would fly around and get health/weapon items and come back and kill me. Finally, I decided to try turtling and just go straight for hording items. Then I attacked him only when I had gathered some power up items. If my health ran low, then I ran away to collect health items. I was finally able to score a kill after doing this. Once I was trying to get an item, and he knew what I was doing, so he shot a sludge cloud at me and trapped me in the corner along with the item. :rofl:

Other Ships
All the ships were available for play, except the last one which was locked. You can see the ship select screen in the vid he posted above. I won’t go into the details here, but I’ll say that the various ships are really unique from each other in various ways, and really offer different styles of gameplay and strategies.

Thanks for hosting the get together James, it was really fun. Thanks for showing us some of the HF stuff, including the original art of DeeJay ! That was really cool. Good games in HF, fun times. Looking forward to Shread. Good luck with the release in Sept.

This looks very pretty and very fun. I await it anxiously.

Another bump due to updated info (link) for the competitive news item!

Watching the interview on Xplay right now. Can’t wait for the game to drop.

It looks mighty hot, dudes. :tup:

Bump due to new info about tournament plans, new dev reveal of 2 ships & final trailer. I keep consolidating this thread rather than make new ones, hope that is cool.

thats fine james, i’ll keep it alive =)

5k tourney? man that is hype sir. one more week to play=)

Actually- its $50,000 target goal :cybot: for the tourney! Tell a friend :chat:


:pray: I hear you man. I had a true grapple designed, but the issue was it locked both players into a state (during the tractor beam) and that made both players a big target when in 3+ player games. So, we modified the concept to allow you to manually follow-through and attack or break-off if others come in, or reflect others & keep after the original victim for pressure. You can actually affect multiple players with this alternate design we went with too.

Keep an eye out for Hydra, Railer Stinger for big ships, and the Marauder (just revealed) for medium nastiness.

oops meant to say 50k =/ sorry about that. I’m passing up this week’s castle crashers to make sure my broke ass gets this next week