Shrek's ECC top 25

#25 People love to loiter: especially out front

#24 While stink wasnt as much of a factor, it was (and always will be) a factor

#23 Consoles work…

#22 Its not fun getting owned by Dunellen Parade when you drop people off at the train

#21 Final Showdowns clothes are straight up scary

#20 Signing up with your nickname is not recommended: Ill only remember you as Johnny, not as Magnetron85 or Sephir0th (make sure that its a zero, not an oh in Sephiroth ok?

#19 It was blatantly obvious who had not been to a major tournament before

#18 People who take other peoples stuff are some of the lowest forms of life on earth

#17 Dont climb or stand on the cabinets doesnt seem to register with people.

#16 No left turns suck my nuts: just trying to find food on Monday I drove around for like 30 minutes.

#15 Every CVS match between Someguy1 and Someguy2 follows this pattern: Someguy1 wins first one, Someguy2 wins the second one, and one of them wins the third and final one. Staff has the gift of watching every one of these go down to the wire. Hooray for us </sarcasm>

#14 I get routinely owned by cameras (which will not happen next year: period. Sorry guys)

#13 During CVS, everyone in the playing area claimed to be “on deck”

#12 TVs up high are a good thing

#11 People still asked to see the bracket

#10 Seattle has chops, and they are still mad cool

#9 Get people to that train EARLY.(sorry Sirlin!!!)

#8 Sanfords match was equally insane

#7 Jmar and Row match was insane

#6 ST Kickball didnt happen due to time constraints, but will happen at some point in the future J

#5 Fanboys absolutely suck: in all shapes and sizes

#4 Justin still sees the code

#3 Tom Cannon, David Sirlin and Pip Stuart deserve a huge thank you

#2 I sold my chair :slight_smile:

#1 I didnt eat a delicious Break steak :frowning:

So true!:evil:

I’m a little upset I didn’t get to play you this weekend. Well, hope to see you again soon.

So true, I miss my stick. :frowning:

Hearing that people lost their MAS sticks and other stuff makes me feel awful. That just ruined my feelings for what was a great weekend.

lol hey my style rules dude! Its to bad i wasnt tanned or else everyone would have been in shock of my sexyness… or something… umm yea…

that was ur wwf chair? that’s cool.

Shag: anytime you are down by DC just give me a holler…cabinet will be in my basement and always ready to provide hours of entertainment. Since Mike is going to be living with me, any visitor gets a double dose!! :slight_smile:

me n guile will be there

need an address chris!!!:cool:

That sounds temptimg. Thanks for the offer. Maybe I can make it over by you before EVO. I’ll keep in touch with you upon any plans.

The wonderful world of ST…DC? omg…amazing.

DC / VA / etc same difference when you are coming from up north :slight_smile:

Clayton Ownz!!!