Shreveport, Louisiana comp?

Ok, in a city this big, that has like, 4 colleges in it, there has to be comp around here. I know there are no arcades, but there has to be SOMEONE that plays fighters around here. Is anyone out there?
I know this is a crappy area, but there has to be SOMETHING.

I don’t know how to help you, sorry. Pretty much all the posters on this site are either from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Lafayette.

The best advice I could give you is to find those people in the colleges nearby that are interested in videogames, there are usually closet players.

Thanks for the good advice, I’ll try searching around the colleges, seems that I remember one guy a long time ago that liked fighters, but I can’t remember his name or anything.

I just found out there is an arcade in a casinos hotel (isle of capri). There is this family fun center thing that has an arcade, but no fighters, just some old shooters and a boxing game. It’s got some kind of dance dance machine to, but thats it.

Ah well, the search continues.

HAHHAHA… You sound like me almost… Since no one at McNeese plays fighting games I’m force to travel to Houston to play games… not a bad thing when you think about it… How far are you from Dallas?

About 3 hours. Just far enough away to be a pain in the ass to drive to.

Get this. I vist my old hometown of “Farmerville, LA” (real place) and this guy behind the counter at a pizza place there was talking about “evo something or another wong somethingsomething” I couldn’t hear all of it, but it turns out this guy is really into GGXX, which was great! Oh wait, no it isn’t. There are people that play fighters in a town the size of a atom and in one of the biggest citys in LA theres not.

What are the fucking chances?

I heard this one guy in GameStop say he “LOVED KOF OMG LOL OWNED” and said that “KOF 04 IS THE BEST IT’S LIKE MVC2 YOU CAN SWTICH LOL”.

Oh boy. The search continues.

Someone let me know that the arcade in a local casino had T5 the day it came out. And DDR.

I don’t know. A fucking Isle Of Capri casino?

Guess I’ll go tomorrow.

I was in Oakdale for a while and never got any comp just got drunk at various casinos, and checked out bitches, good luck to you man.

I know a few guys in Monroe who could provide some competition. There is a T5 machine at the mall atleast.

LOL @ TILT IN THE MALL. Yeah, I used to play there all the time, the champ quit marvel, so all the comp died. The T5 machine is nice, but the comp isn’t. I beat these cocky assholes that all said I was “cheap” and “used the same moves” to beat them with Lei! After which I said “Huh, good enough to kick your ass.”, one of them went on to win the “tourny” they had the next day. Don’t talk shit if you suck, you know?

I work in monroe, The MVC2 machine at Tilt used to be busy every second of every day, a guy that used to work in that arcade taught me spidey in MVC1 and I took off from there.

Well, I can at least remember the good times.

remembers a kid saying “WHATS HE GOT AGINIST MY SENT?!!?” and this chris tucker wannabe saying “HEEELLLlllLLL no” after I beat him 1 out of a thousand times