Shuffle & Cut SF4 RanBat 1.4 GO FOR BROKE! Final 4/17/10 (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)


Shuffle & Cut’s Final Street Fighter 4 RanBat 1.4 GO FOR BROKE!!!
This Tournament Is Open To Any One That Wants To Participate.

Street Fighter 4 Final RanBat 1.4
We Will Be Using (3) Xbox 360 Systems.
One System Will Be Set Up For Casuals While The Tournament Is In Progress

8605 1/2 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-1111

Signups Start At 11:00 PM
Tournament Starts At 11:45 PM (Usually Ends At 4:00 AM)

4.00 (To Pot) To Enter & 1.00 (To Shuffle) Venue Fee ( 5.00 Total)
There Is No Spectator Fee.
70/20/10 Split

Tournament Will Be Best 2 Of 3 Matches Winners And Looser Bracket.
Grand Finals Will Be Best 3 Of 5 Looser Has To Win 2 Sets
This Is Double Elimination
This Is (BYOS) Bring Your Own Stick Or Pad

i will be recording matches through the night from one of our station. and we will have our commentating equipment.
(i wont try to commentate as i know i suck at it HAHAHA…)

think you got skills on the Mic or you want to try and call a match? let me know and ill put ya on.

i figured out a better way of recording and encoding the videos so it wont take to long to have them up loaded this time.

post up if you guys have any questions


Im there. Start time?


Same night as the high desert tourny? =[

Nevermind, can make the HD tourny then go down and hit up the SnC tourny. The last week before Super is gonna be FULL of SFIV.


NICE!!! all day SF4, since i am gunna head out to the HDS tourney as well.


theres gonna be a 4 hour gap between hds and snc tournaments D:
we need somewhere to do casuals in the mean time.
cant wait to see you all!


I’m there, jam packed day!!! This will probably be the last day I play sf4 until super comes out. I’m going to bust out guile one last time for the ranbat.


dam no ps3 system=[
i cant go then i just have a ps3 control lol
guess james games tourny on saturday will be the last sf4 for me



you should go anyways people will be willing to let you use their sticks no problem (or at least i know i will)

and for those of you going to this come out to hds for an epic double header!!!



cool i guess ill check it out then
but am i readin the time right does it really say 11pm at NIGHT!! lol is so dam i have no clue how im gettin there that late
maybe find someone from james games to roll with


fei long will be there…


Wow shameless advertising…





I guess I’m going to have to bust out Dan for this one.


Ima probly show up. Most likly won’t play, just kick it and commentate. Anybody down for some ssbm casuals?


updated with some extra info


Depending on what tournament I go to during the day I might go to this.



yo you should stop by if you can. btw i was the guy at wcw that got that balrog and bison off you. im diggin them chains but im still waiting on the sf2ce edition of bison :smiley:


ill be there and rolling with cammy

Hey mondo, how about switching it up since its the last vanilla tourney for us, like a 2v2 or random character


im planing on going to this but just curious whats shuffle and cut is it like a computer lounge place?


it’s more like a hobby shop. they sell trading cards, board games, etc. they have computer and console setups.


dam i was gonna go but now i dont have a ride