Shuffle & Cut SF4 RB 1.3 & TvC RB 1.0 3/20/10

thanks to shuffle for letting me host. thanks to all the players that came out. it had its bumps and we started a bit late but it was fun. videos wont be up for a bit since i have to edit 4hrs+

GG’s to every one. now on with the results.

1: TemjinAlpha
2: ZillsGrind
3: Bren2xT
5: XBlades
5: ClutchLikeKobe
7: Jdeez
7: Aldizi
9: Jupiter
9: Dodgers2213
9: Wonder_Chef
9: Dolfin305
13: Renzo
13: Binkley
13: Elvs
13: New Challenger
17: Axis
17: LockOn
17: YankeeBlugens
17: BouncingSoul
17: MunchMunch
17: Rene

1: New Challenger
2: XBlades
3: ClutchLikeKobe
4: BouncingSoul
5: LockOn
5: TemjinAlpha
7: Toshinu

Damn You Clutch!!! Lol

    • i need to keep practicing!

haha agreed! GG though Clutch

I’m tired of losing to Mondo!!! LOL

Hurry up and get those matches up. The world needs to listen to me and kodi’s awesome commentary LAWL!!!


i hope to have them ready for upload by the end of the week. witch btw axis ill need your tag team for 1.4 if you are around. 1.4 not set in stone just yet.

also in order to not take so long uploading i cut out button testing, loading etc etc.

I’m always down to commentate for you guys. Just let me know the date and I’ll be there, as long as I don’t have class the next day :wink:

So them match vids… >_>

Axis and cody are fucking comedy! Good shit…

were was this at?

Shuffle and Cut games in Rancho Cucamonga.

Soooooo…those match vids lol

The videos are on temjins youtube