Shuffle & Cut SF4 RB 1.3 & TvC RB 1.0 This Saturday Night (Late Notice)

(Late Notice)

When 3/20/10

Where: Shuffle and Cut Games
8605 1/2 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-1111

Time: 11:00pm signup, Tournament start time Midnight For Both Games (please be on time)

Street Fighter 4 RanBat 1.3
This is Double Elimination
Best 2 of 3 Matches.
Losers Finales is Best 3 of 5
Grand Finals is Best 4 of 7
This Will Be on Xbox 360 Systems

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom RanBat (US Version) 1.0
This is Double Elimination
Best 2 of 3 Matches.
Losers Finales is Best 3 of 5
Grand Finals is Best 4 of 7

How Much?
Each RanBat is 3.00 if you enter both RanBats the second one is just 2.00
1.00 of each person entering (don’t mater if its 1 game or both) will go to Shuffle & Cut.

if enough people show for each ranbat it will be 70/20/10 split.

once again i will try and record all the SF4 Matches for TvC i will Record Top 8.

i just got my commentating equipment. think you can commentate let me know and ill put ya on.
i will need some one for TvC

we will not be streaming this event but all the videos will be uploaded to youtube

BTW this is BYOS (bring your own sticks or pads)

Post in here if you plan on showing up and if you have any questions.
see you guys Saturday night!

Really trying to show up, but I have something important the next morning, why does it have to start even later than usual -.-

Yea mando, 12 am? I might not even make it…

Ill Try to make it to this. And put me up for commentating on SF4 :slight_smile:

ill try to talk to Huber about start time. you guys know our casuals on Saturday night don’t get going till 11pm due to the magic tournaments they run there.

hope to see ya there john

if i go im also down for commentary
but we’ll see :3

Should be making it to this one. And I don’t have anything to do early next morning or anything but the earlier it starts the better.

I’m going to try to go to this, but I will probably leave sometime around 2AM after I go 2 and out just because I was planning on doing my taxes on Sunday lol.

Honestly, I think me and blades should commentate…but idgaf :slight_smile:

We got those jokes sonnnnnnnnn

Im going to this. And second, I’ll be going to snc from a hockey game (don’t ask) and i should be buzzing so I think I should do commentating LOL. Actually I’ll commentate on the HIGH DESERT PLAYERS.

^ /commentator

^thanks for the vote of confidence.

Since Juan will already be in LA, the High Desert squad will go depending on if we can find another driver.

Didn’t euro and Andrew say they were going? And two, I won’t be in LA until Sunday like i said in our thread.

^ /pwned

LOL Well they haven’t confirmed yet. And you said your coming from a hockey game so I figured that was in LA or something.

Is SF4 on 360 or PS3?

SF4 on PS3 Or 360???
kinda need to know by 2night, or else my friends cant go!

^ 360!

sf4 will be on 360’s

kinda late but if any one has a extra wii with tvc and would like to help out i would appreciate it