Shufflet - Arcade style puzzle game (PC & Linux not casual)


So I’ve written an arcade style puzzle game after missing non-casual, challenging puzzlers.

I really miss people treating puzzle games as a serious genre after the mobile market pumped out a bunch of casual games.
Shufflet was a project to prove to myself that maybe there was still some life left in hard puzzle games.

I’ve tried to keep the feel of classic puzzle games like Sega’s Columns, Tetris, and Bust a Move.
The game’s challenge comes from shifting entire columns and rows at once while letting you delay collecting points for big groups.
The timer is always counting down but you get an 30 sec extend for every board you finish (no more than 3 like colored pieces).
Score is the only thing that matters. Score is the one thing proving you’re better than a friend, as it should be.

Well, she’s up on Steam’s Greenlight and off to a slower start than I’d like.
Shufflet will not be published if it does not gain enough votes from gamers. (It’s a Linux and Windows game - not mobile)

If it looks good, please toss a yes vote my way and maybe tell a friend! (Votes carry no obligation)

Thank you arcade fans for any support!
Click the link below to see the launch page. :smiley:


Voted, followed :tup:

For some reason, url tag and image tag didn’t work together and just clicking goes to the direct image link instead.


That works. So, guess that requires the link itself under the image too


Thanks so much WTF-AKUMA-HAX !

Especially taking the time to correct my link.
That goes beyond the help I’d expect from quite a few people.
Every vote helps get a bit closer. :peace: