ShugenDo...THE Mugen Replacement?

Good old Stumble Upon helped me find this lovely little gen, and potentially big find for the fighting game community and namely the ludicrously scattered ex/current Mugen community. It’s called ShugenDo and it’s supposed to be Mugen done right with a ton of new tricks, the big one being integrated online. It looks EXTREMELY promising to me, but will it last? If the engine is completed to satisfactory will ya’ll get behind it? All of the potential here, it would be a shame for it to go to waste. But yeah check it out for yourselves.

Beta Trailer

ShugenDo website

the basic idea of mugen is stupid so it doesnt matter how much better this is than the original

It’s the authors of retarded mugen sets that are stupid, not mugen itself. Mugen might actually be great if talented and intelligent people used it.

Agreed. Shit like Omega Tom Hanks and SSJ620765728568926523478653976 Broly with a 15 minute intro is completely fucking stupid.

Edit: though if this has online mode, I would love to see this go through.

this has a network mode? cool, maybe some people who actually play the thousands of characters in this properly can show all the mugen fanboys how to actually use them

Requiem for a Dream?

yeah but its never gonna happen because the lure of ssj76 hitler vs omega majin anne frank is just too strong

I think i have that broly and his intro rocks! Like all intros you can skip it if you want to(i think, its been a while).

Yeah it is so hard to find stuff for mugen. Seems like the majority of guys who make stuff for it, are also stuck-up assclowns and whine like bitches if you use or host their stuff.

i’ve seen that music used in loads of random things, i doubt most even know where it originates from

Online play is nice, but a GUI will absolutely rock.
Hopefully someone will do something like this in the future, it takes too much time to make a character in the classic MUGEN.

I don’t see how anyone will have fun with it since everyone is going to be
using their most overpowered characters in the fight.

Oh, lord. You know, saying that MUGEN is stupid because of the shitty stuff people make for it is like hating C++ because of some shitty program you downloaded.

I didn’t realize that an updated MUGEN clone existed that was playable to date. This is good, as MUGEN is still rather powerful, but quite out of date in many regards. Not a lot got shown in that video, though. It just looks like MUGEN with a better select screen, thus far.

kooler stage select too… lacks life/power bars though

It’s just a beta, and there’s several bugs in it, such as Kung Fu Man’s reset infinite combo.

ShugenDo has good looks, I hope it gets better than Infinity Cat.

Shut the fuck up, dumb shit.

err you do know that one of the ideas is the same idea in mvc and cvs :rolleyes:
I think your in the wrong forums.

The idea is to create your own game, not a huge mindless crossover.

There’s a lack of original characters nowadays.

The “idea” is that you can do whatever the fuck you want with it. Not dictate what others do with it.

You know that he’s a joke character though right? Although I agree that Broly was messed up with that long intro, and pauses in mid-fight, not to mention the ridiculous amount of invincibility frames he has.

Major problem I’d see with an online mode is how it checks for the players characters. Even if they both have the same characters, editing a small line of code could make or break a character. It would have to check characters coding line for line to ensure they are identical.

Either way, an alternative to Mugen is always welcome, although I hope it will remain fully compatible with WinMugen creations. I’d hate to lose out on my Real Bout/MOTW rooster of characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

The REAL thing that we could use, is an easier way to code characters, stages, and all the rest. As of now, it’s too tedious, and time comsuming. Supposing you want to make a fully, original, playable character in the vein of what Capcom, or SNK does, drawing up 400 + sprites is a fuck-ton of work in and of itself, let alone coding, and stringing together attacks, and movements, and whatever else. If the latter could be made simpler, then we probably wouldnt see as many simple Conversions, or edit jobs as we do now.