Shuma 1HKO with 1 bar and no XF?




I know Shuma-Iron Fist-Nemesis isn’t a very good looking team, but for combo a combo like this, there has to be some potential, and there have to be alternate assists for this combo.


Believe it or not, it’s actually VERY difficult to incorporate assists into shuma combos and expect a damage increase. The reason ground/bounce assists are one of the few assists that work for those extensions is due to how shuma combos work. After the first mystic stare into mmhs, hit stun deterioration is almost completely capped with shuma. After that, all he can do is 1 jump hs into a perfectly timed mystic ray. If you mistime the mystic ray at all, it will not work because of the way that hit stun deterioration works. If you use 98% of the assists in this game in a shuma combo, they will flop out because he uses up his hsd very early and lives off of links to secure extensions.


So this means not only is the combo hard to land, it requires a very specific set of assists too?

Not quite what I expected this to be.


That’s not exactly what I said. The reason an assist like a ground bounce assist works is because they will always cause a bounce if they hit regardless of hit stun deterioration. There are options though. Here’s a combo I made a while back that is negative 1 meter and does 1,250,000 damage. You just have to get creative.
Even without that doom extension, you can end with mystic stare [delay] hyper mystic ray, mystic stare, hyper mystic ray, jump s, mystic ray


You can even get the same damage while keeping Shuma in if you use missile assist. Missiles allow him to chain 3 supers by himself or end meter neutral at 1,1m with 2 supers.

I know you prefer plasma beam, just wanted to throw the info out for any potential shuma/missiles players :wink:


I know :slight_smile: