shuma avatar

can some one make me one with this pic of shuma i just want shuma and a few words like rs57 and shumad4ddy on it some where thats all nothin to big but just looks aiight

Your switchin’ it up huh? I remember when I saw your AV get made…shit was mint [still is].

What Sas said :o I wouldn’t switch a sweet animated AV for a plain old still image

lol yea i like this one but its hella old and im lookin for a new style i will keep this one for a long time

ok then can any one make me a ez one with tila <a the words d4ddy4tila

You sure you want that pic in your avatar? :confused:<—for numerous reasons.

yea i luv tila

Oh that’s cool you like her and all, I was just confused on the pic because its ‘PORTRAIT’ whereas ‘LANDSCAPE’ would allow you to put some of her body up that AV [following srk standards of course].


i dont care just some one make me a new one with a pic of her and put rs57 and d4ddy4tila