Shuma Gorath and Amaterasu's glaive ground bounce

There’s an odd glitch with shuma gorath that makes him bounce extra high on amaterasu’s glaive ground bounce move (df+H -> qcf+s). does this happen with any other moves? here’s a video showing what happens:


Shuma has weird properties all around. I know Viper’s EX Thunder Knuckle doesn’t crumple him and Spider-Man can’t get a web throw loop on him as well.

that’s messed up. I just tested it out and it’s not that he doesn’t crumple, he just doesn’t have an animation for it. he can still be hit by anything that would hit any other crumpled character.

Shuma gets knocked out of Dormammu’s OTG Purification -> Chaotic Flame as well. He is the only character it doesn’t really work on.

Hit Shuma with She Hulk’s command grab that causes dizzy.

Capcom lets fix this.

This is a really irritating problem. I have seen it work 3 or 4 times out of about 30 though.

Now I just do Purification > Stalking Flare. The damage you get via chip almost makes up for it.

Deadpool’s Bolo Loop tends to whiff on Shuma as well.

shuma is your god. now bow down.

nah, fuck that shit.

Shuma occasionally falls out of She-Hulks OTG Torpedo -> Emerald Cannon mid screen

fuck wrong with that nigga hitbox??

They should have at least given him a crumple animation. How is that even missed?

he needs all the help he can get


Hahaha so Shuma is the new Adon?

Oh well, they will fix him in MvC 3: AE!

FUK there on to us!!!

Jumps chain link fence