Shuma Gorath: Mystic Ray Video thread


Sorry about the other thread (duplicate names in title).

Just downloaded the code, popped in the disc and this video is RAW. I had to go to work so this was just a test out. Now. This is just 7 minutes. I’m gonna spend the next two weeks in the lab. No online play at all.

FYI: I use to play Shuma Goarth in MSH and MvC2. My team was Team Syn (Black Heart / Shuma / Doom). In MvC3, “Syn 2.0” is (Dormammu/Shuma/Doom).



[media=youtube]YIpgxKVMRUA[/media] IN THE LAB (with shitty quality again)


Desk video:



Desk is so awesome. I’m emulating all those combos. Now if i can just find the time to practice them.



Some Chaos Dimension shenanigans.


I got an idea for a combo, but I’m not sure how well it will work since I don’t have the game and can’t test it.

Basically the idea is to do this combo/setup here


however, instead of re-launching after the eyeballs explode and otg the opponent, use another mystic stare as soon as they pop up while calling a low-hitting assist, then do a quick TK’d mystic smash A. Even if it fails, you can go on the defensive and wait for the eyes to explode, which will force your opponent to stop what they’re doing, giving Shuma time to mount an offensive again.


i dont intend on playing with shuma but i put this video up to try and help out and open up minds to more possibilities. Enjoy



I’ve seen that here before…we all have probably seen that. You should really credit others’ work if you’re going to repost something like this. But generally speaking, there’s no need to repost this in the first place.


i didnt know someone else made it 1st. i thought i made it up so i just posted it

#10 - CanadaCup - Marvel Madness - March 19-20
About 1hr in, JChen whips out shuma, of note he does a clutch reset on t.bonne around 1:03. Just gonna post this here to keep the ball rolling with vids, it was already posted in the combo thread, but this is supposed to be the one stop place for shuma match vids and so far there’s not much of anything.


i think it’s due to the fact that shuma is still relatively new and nobody’s really playing him at tournaments(except a small few)
so we’ll have a shortage of shuma-gorath videos until people get comfortable using him



Have a video guys! Minor variations to a very powerful combo I’m working with. Also shows how to combo from his LVL1 into LVL3, no X-Factor. FUN STUFF.

Shuma-Gorath: Inta’Dimensiona’ Hustla’


Here are my vids from the stream last night:


^yo that was nice, how you caught She hulk on the way down with Chaos Dimension after killing off Floes Dormammu.


This is very nice. Do you have a midscreen variation?


Man, P. Gorath you had Floe! Really close games; keep training that Shuma.
Thinking of any subs for Phoenix, or keeping her there for the scare factor?


Sorry to be that guy that posts one video in multiple threads, but I realized I should have posted it here.
snadmonkey vs. Mike Ross @ 20:00


Desk always has some $ick videos.


Hey guys if u want to watch some shuma gorath matches u could visit my channel =)I made a youtube account just now ,but i have a TV-Tuner and the time to expand the varieties of shuma-gorath videos=) YouTube - Shkodo’s Channel
there are 2 short videos now but il upload over 2 hours of shuma gameplay 2day.