Shuma Gorath: Mystic Ray Video thread

the problem is the fact that pretty much none of those combos are convenient for tournament/real gameplay. It’s nice in training mode when you can hold charges and whatnot because you don’t have to focus on anything else, but the non marlinpie style shuma gorath combos, reward way too little damage and frankly, his ridiculously hard combos with mystic stares reward too little damage and most of all, getting that hit to start those combos is way too difficult.

Some of the links in those combos are really touch, like c.h hitting as eyeballs explode or the jump cancel loops with only one medium and one heavy. I also think the xfactor combos are way overly complicated since there are more effective/easier xfactor combos. Also notice he did not do any of those combos on short/floaty characters like tron or zero. Plus though these combos are effective if you miss a link you will eat a bad punish unlike alot of other complicated combos from other characters.

Hi. Minus the 3 meters on chaos dimension at the end. This combo is very convenient and possible to pull off in a real match.

Sorry for the quality :frowning:
and if you guys are bored and feel like doing an easy 3 supers in one combo with shuma combo here you go:

those arent shuma combos, they’re shuma with akuma assist combos, and only work in the corner

Mystic stare combos don’t really work in a real match without an assist like akuma’s from what Ive seen. If someone does it, then hats off to them. Akuma is one of the best possible assists to have on deck if you are running shuma on point. If you want to run him on point, you honestly NEED akuma. The akuma assist makes your life infinitely easier. Outside of the corner, there is not much that shuma can do that is very impressive. The akuma assist allows you to also combo out of your air and ground throws extremely easily and opens so many reset possibility and easy corner combos with mystic stare. It’s also really good for pressure. Jump s+akuma assist is just so easy to work with as well as all the benefits the assist provides you. Not to mention the fact that there are many games where shuma will provide you with nothing and will just die off in which you have akuma factor to provide you a winning chance. The best possible setup for shuma on point is definitely good ranged assist for getting in+akuma imo. The main issue that the shuma community faces is bringing his real stuff outside of training mode. Jill is slowly making the conversion, but I honestly don’t know if shuma will ever make it because how hard it is to consistently get his HIGH damaging combos to work.

Comboing into Mystic Stare is easy, you don’t need an assist.

The first combo is my BnB.

You can do the same combo without mystic stare and barely lose any damage using the technique desk used in his early shuma video and save a lot of pain then from there once you do the hard knockdown in the corner, you’d be able to jumps+akuma assist mystic stare hyper mystic ray into a reset possibility/stand Lmystic smash/standing light/launch/crouching heavy.

Or you could learn how to use it and bam Shuma becomes better. Charging in and out of combos is not hard. Assists should be saved to help Shuma land his best combos, instead of wasting them to make his easymode combos on par with real ones. If you’re trying to “save pain” then don’t complain about Shuma being terrible. You can’t do uncounterable TAC’s without the Mystic Stare, and that’s a big part of Shuma. The Stare Is also good for resets.

Except I don’t complain about him being terrible because of his damage. Besides, if you have to tac into another character to do real damage, that’s a sign the character lacks damage. The fact that he can be thrown out of all of his approach, kinda defines one of the reasons why he sucks.

It’s not a “sign” that he has low damage. All it means is that he has a trick that you should exploit to get more damage, nothing more.

Um that combo is fine and all I just have one complaint/concern. I’ve found that to do the jump cancel loop you basically need to start point blank or very close to it in order to complete the combo. I do lots of poking/reaching under people with c.m and from a distance you can’t reliably convert into that combo. Also don’t forget you still need to end in the corner for a super which is an issue for shuma. Also dante combos aren’t that hard you can pick them up pretty quickly once you grasp the idea of bold cancel.

Alternatively you could start that shuma combo with a c.m, c.h S j.m(onehit) H mystic, smash c.m, c.h stare that way you dont need to be so close. If you ever hit with c.h you can eventually combo into mystic stare. Uncounterable TAC into dante, magneto ect. is excellent damage as well. Also needing to tac to get very good damage(This is position dependent anyway) isnt a sign of a bad character when you have guaranteed TAC combos. Shuma is a high execution character so learning his mystic stare combos are important.

Also shuma gets 1.1 mill (~690k with no assists) midscreen to corner or in corner(but not corner to corner) if you are paired with dante so depending on where he is his damage is excellent. I use this combo as my bnb but I use jm(onehit) instead of jh so that it works on every character, and jam session into m mystic ray into mystic stare once I reach the corner. Any assist that otgs or anything that can keep them there after a mystic ray or j.s will let you combo into stare.
If I feel like I can’t get an uncounterable tac (c.m c.h j.m j.h j.8h c.m c.h stare c.m h (3hits) s j.m j.h j.8h TAC) after the mystic stare hits I swap out to dante to get free rush down/mixups.

Pair shuma with dante it’s his best partner imo whenever you hit with mystic stare normally or during a combo when you cant carry them to the corner tag out, and get free rushdown/mixup. The eyes don’t go away unless the opponent tags out. Jam session is good for creating mixups on an incoming character. Hyper mystic smash to devil trigger dhc sets up heavy pressure for Dante, and is a very good way to get past heavy zoning. They compliment each other very well plus they both rack up the combo counter lol.

you know, looking at these videos, I really still think that shuma’s damage is considered to suck because people don’t use enough mystic stare in combos. Some of those where just beautiful.

As for people complaining about charge inputs in practical situations, Y’all need to play more TvC.

MvC3 and TvC are two very different beasts. yes, TvC had succesful charge motion characters, but it was also a slower, more methodical game, with significantly less shit on the screen. most of the time, you only had to worry about one character and the mixups they could create, AND TvC had no teleporters, which destroy any charges Shuma might have been able to form.

TvC charge time was half of what MvC 3 was, you could do a charge inside a single heavy it was super easy.

And the moves that were charge moves were worth the charge.

Mystic stare really isn’t worth that charge time. Mystic ray kinda is, but I still feel it wouldn’t be broken as a motion. Just really good. Which is what shuma needs. Good moves.

Some random shit I did. lol


Why do you say Mystic Stare isn’t worth the charge times?. It not only extends his combos but also adds a significant chunk of damage.

Also I’m not talking about charging while there’s shit on screen or anything like that. All that stuff about teleporters and distractions are irrlelevant when we’re talking about using mystic stare in combos.

Well, in my opinion, if a move is only viable to use in combos, then it’s not a particularly good move. I’m not saying that makes a move garbage, because combo extenders have their place, but when a move only viably functions as a combo extender then what’s the point of having that charge time?

Ah, I know what I’m trying to say now. The move is LIMITED. That’s the best way look at it. it’s effectively a sonic boom thats too risky to throw out randomly in a fight, so you only use it in combos. What could have been a lovely projectile, never gets to be used as one since it gets shut down by anyone with a teleport or good mobility.

Mystic stare is not a very good move to use outside of combos. Poor range outside of H stare, relatively slow projectile, meh
endurance, disappear if shuma gets hit, have to hold back to charge it (which is not the direction shuma wants to go), etc.

I’m not disappointed with the things is CAN do right now, I’m disappointed by the things it SHOULD do but CANNOT

The only way for Capcom to give Shuma any attention for the whatever version of Marvel comes after Ultimate is if more high profile people play him. Which probably won’t be the case. So that leaves us. One of us is gonna have to win a major if Shuma is to get any attention. Whose up for the challenge. =)