Shuma runnin' with the best of 'em



I’m here to bring some good advice for gorath, seeing how i have played him against the top chars, (storm, mag, sent, cable) and gotten some success with him as well. This is for the person who doesn’t want to follow the masses and pick the best there are, I believe in just seeing what you can do with a cool-looking lower level char, and relying on SKILL to progress in arcade play. I’m gonna give some quick strats real quick against the tougher and most common chars played in the arcade. If anyone sees this and would like to see more, just ask and ill do my best.

Storm- Starting with the proclaimed “best” one there is, in order to beat storm you have to be as quick as possible. Use mystic stare, because there is a good chance storm is charging toward you to launch in the so predictable combo into lightning storm. Remember to block low if she gets close, and if you need breathing room, call a ground or quick assist to get some distance. ALWAYS try this combo, if you see an opening.>>
lk. mk. (Super Jump) lp. lk. mp. mk.(wait 1 sec) grab with roundhouse air throw. Mash the buttons for more dmg, and this combo connecting will do very nice dmg against the weak defense of storm. Remember, dont go on the offensive too much, because shuma gorath has weak def. as well. Once your bar is up to 3, try for Chaos dimension. Use your assists to make her block and dash or SJ in for a connect. If it hits, immediately try for the combo mentioned above after. If storm mashes out of that combo, devitalize instead, chances are she wont expect that.

Magneto- A little slower version of storm, but he can still take shuma down in 1 or 2 combos. Leaves little room for error huh? Use the same approach for magneto as you would for storm mentioned above. Since magneto doesnt seem to fly high as often as storm does, Use this move often when you reg jump by him.>>>Stone drop in air (d + K), and if he doesnt roll, follow up with a devitalize. Remember to call assists often, and if an assist that doesnt knock him across the screen hits, use the stone/devitalize move, or try for the air combo mentioned in the storm section. Generally magneto, doesn’t give me as much problem as storm or cable. Remember, if he hits with a hyper grav, mash like crazy to try to escape or else shuma will get to know Magnetic tempest alot better.

Cable- Ahh the most annoying character of all to shuma, comes in the cheap and overused form of cable. A good cable WILL keep shuma on the other side of the screen, and there isn’t much gorath can do about it. You need a good assist (blackheart Air, Doom air) to keep him blocking so you can get in close. If you get him in close, dont stop the offense, because there are going to be very few chances to mount one. Save your super meter to 3 so you can get a chaos dimension then combo in on him, when you get close. Never start a chaos dimension from afar, for a smart player will make you waste it. If you connect with the dimension + combo, begin the chipping process. Call assist + jump in + block his assist + air mystic smash. Look at your distance to see which mystic smash you use. If you cross him up with the mystic smash, it will ALWAYS hit. But be careful on using it too much, because if he blocks it, you can garuntee the little cheap will follow it up with 3 kicks and 1-3 air hyper viper beams. Another way to chip or get some decent dmg is this combo>>>>
(crouch) lp, mp,(make sure the mp hits twice) XX Hyper mystic smash. Or, call an assist that holds him down and follow with a Hyper Mys Mash to get some real nice chip in. Take it from me, you’ll need all the dmg you can get.

Sentinel- I have fought sent with gorath, and he gives him some trouble, but not nearly as much as cable. The key here is to get that Air combo+ throw on him to make up for the disadvantage in defense. Superjump often, and if he takes flight with you, surprise him with a mystic smash and jump in for a quick chance for that air combo mentioned before. Once you have the 3 bars, getting a chaos dimension on him is relatively easy compared to the others mentioned. when he does the classic Hyper sentinel force x3 for chip dmg, crouch and block low to take the least dmg possible. Take to the skies and call your assist right before you superjump on him to get him blocking. Dont be too offensive or you will eat his assist or his drones. When he’s blocking, get close for some devitalization action.

          Thats the advice i have for now, If you would like me to try and give some more for other chars, post and let me know.


The Stone drop of his does not imediately connect with devitalize. However, Proper timing will grant a very high success rate if it isn’t suspected. Since most of the time it isn’t, I find that move to be very effective.

I have encountered many a storm, and never has the opponent gotten out of the hk throw at the end. The timing, as you mentioned, is very very difficult to counter, so I doubt that will be much of a problem. I believe it’s definitely worth the risk compared to the eye beam, due to the fact that the throw gives life back and does much more damage.

I tend to stay away from the eyebeam, personally, because I need characters (especially cable), to stay as close as possible. For jumping down on an opponent, I prefer the HK, because if close enough, it can combo into hyper mystic smash OR aerial rave and throw. If you hit with a jumping HK and are at longer range, follow up with a d.HK and it will provide some nice damage.

I tend not to use the eyebeam against air bitches, but that’s just because i have a good anti-air (blackheart) to back him up. If shuma doesn’t have a good anti-air assist, I agree that eyebeam is a nice annoyance to perform.

Also, just recently, i have tried the throw-happy version of shuma gorath. Everytime an opponent jumps with shuma, I either try for the direct throw or a mini combo>>lk, mk then throw. If you want to mix it up a little, add an eye blast or stone drop at the end.

Let me know for more questions about shuma. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


how would I “abuse,” or put to use, shuma’s jumping glitch(if i can…)


what IS shumas jump glitch?


I think, im not sure here, but he’s referring to the fact that shuma gets an extra move in the air with one of his attacks. The one I think he’s talking about is where normally a character gets 1 action per jump (ie. block, or attack), but shuma I think has a move where he can block then use an attack right after. I haven’t really used it, so I also would like to know more.


I saw a video that showed something potentially scary about Shuma Gorath. It isn’t much, but it can have devastating side effects. Credit to Mike Z for this…

If someone eats the mystic stare and you DHC or tag out, the bombs explode immediately. This may not sound like much, but even if the person is blocking your assist [best in slot 3] if you DHC or are able to tag out somehow, the bombs will take them out of guardstun. This can make them eat the rest of the assist or worse yet, the super for the person you just DHC’s in.

This can be annoying. See if you can find a viable strategy for this.

A good gamepad for the PC?

I have used the mystic stare trick plenty of times. It is a solid way of switching out if you dont feel like expending the super bar for a delay hyper combo. Try this combo to get a solid mystic stare to connect>>>J. lk, J. mk, C. lp, C. mp(2 hits from the mp), Mystic stare (switch out after hits). It’s not easy to perform; it takes practice to get that stare in at the end, but its a good way to safely bring in someone else. Of course, if you have the super meter, you can substitute Hyp. Mystic smash for mystic stare, and then cancel to probably any other super in the game.


I have just recently done this, but with shuma gorath, I found an easy way to connect chaos dimension. When someone is low on health, find a way to switch shuma in and finish him off. Once they die, immediately activate CD and dash towards the edge where the next fighter comes. If you jump and time it right, they will be powerless and you’ll get a free chunk of their bar off, especially if you manage to fit in a devitalize or air rave right after. I think it’s a good way to get ahead in the match. Also, if you have 4 supers, do a snapback (i believe if you hit with lp, mp first it’ll connect) and repeat above. Good way to take out their annoying assists.


I have found, recently, that instead of jumping in with lk, mk to start an air combo, it is much more beneficial to start with the roundhouse first. Since the stun on this move is nice, it links into almost anything, including:

Aerial combo
Hyper mystic smash
D. Hk (if too far for air combo launcher)
Mystic stare
Devitalization(close jump in)(duh)

Another neat thing i have found is an easier way to get a chaos dimension off.

Jump in- Hk(or lk, mk), land, lk, mk(launch) activate CD, jump straight up, grab.

Not officially a combo, but if timed right, will hit every time.


wats his bnb without assist or supers?


so, theoretically, Shuma can’t be guard broken? hmm. . . .


I don’t think Chaos Dimension is a good move in MvC2. It doesn’t do enough damage to be worth the 3-meter expenditure. I guess if you’ve got the meter, you need to kill a guy and you’ve got the setup going, you can do it, but I would save my meter for other things. Mystic Bash is a better super.

Also, relying on Stone Drop gets you killed since this move isn’t safe.

And… ending air combos with air throws every time is not worth it, unless you’re fighting people who are dense. It’s NOT HARD to counter throw or tech hit Shuma’s kick throw if you expect it.

I don’t think Shuma wants people close, he wants them at eyebeam length. He’s not exactly a rushdown character. I would probably try to focus on landing mystic stare so I can do some boshit with it. He’s got good roundhouse moves too.


yeah…i hear that.

CD doesn’t do as much dmg as amost any 3 dhc’s that are out there. I use stone when i know it’ll hit, because the lag time is just too shitty. The Kick throw at the end is a good way of mixing things up, if you have already done a couple of AC’s that ended with norm Hp.(Unless your opp. is REALLY aware) J. RH is a good move because of it’s versatility…

  1. start Air C
  2. Add C. RH for distance
  3. qcf kk super
  4. Myst stare?
  5. Pierce Super armor?

Not sure about no. 4/5. Can you see if that works, dasrik?


n/m i tested those out and they both work. If you manage to connect the eyes from a j.HK, if you’re quick and manage to get a mystic bash in, dhc for a free super, if its a fast one. (i’ll try HSF in a bit)