Shuma strats



Gotta start this thread, shuma is fun to play with. I like putting him on point pairing him with a good aa usually commando, then having another ground assist, something to ground the opponent usually sentinel drones or doom’s rocks. My normal shuma team is:

Shuma Sentinel Commando.

Shuma is on point I do the most damage I can with him, when start to loose life I look for the roundhouse throw and mash. I rarely use the level three just because I feel like sentinel can use the levels more efficiently. If the rocks or drones are blocked by the opponent I follow closely with s sk, into hcb k command throw, or throw out some eyeballs for chip damage. If you get a couple of these off some players get frustrated and screw up their gameplay. If I can get them into the corner I go for Shuma’s infinite, not too hard just have to get the timing down. Shuma also has some easy corner combos that you can otg re-launch and then finish with a manual roundhouse air-throw to mash. To safe tag I’ll ground the opponent do the hcf kk super the cancel into Sentinel’s HSF. Then I’ve got Sentinel commando to play with, a formidable team. Usually I use Shuma’s ball assist, Sometimes it will cross up the opponnent and hit them.
I know the eye assist is easy to combo, but it hits so many times that it scales sentinel’s damage way down. No good.

By the way. This team’s just for fun, when I do win a few matches that’s good enough for me I’m not looking to hold up any huge streaks or anything. Also, Two of Shuma’s assist’s are the eyeball’s is there any difference between the two?