Shuma the battery?

Looking at shuma-gorath, I saw that although he can do really high damage with only one super he does a lot better with the correct assist. However I also noticed that since he has the capabilities of having such long combos with out having to use a super. I was wondering if we could try and collect some data on just how good shuma combos are at building meter. So what I am asking is to try, obviously after evo is done, to see how much meter can be built with shuma. First try without assists then with. I would prefer at first no hyper moves either but if you must it is of course fine. The best I have seen him do is building about 2 meters in one single combo but then again the person doing it was going for damage and not meter gain.

The Shuma player that I have fought against uses him on anchor
with crazy-stupid painful X-Factor combos, and uses Tron as his

That being said, on the occasions that I have punished his other
characters hard and early, or snapped Shuma on point, he makes
an excellent battery.

I’ve had minor success pushblocking against him to slow the
battery game, but only when I can block correctly, haha

In any case 2 meters off a single non-hyper combo is pretty solid.
Land it twice and you’ve got enough for X-Factor + LvL 3, or
just about anything else you want.