Shuma unblockable



Ok, so I tested it more and it works.

Here is video of it: [media=youtube]12FATT1FdBM"[/media]

Can anyone explain how this works?

Oh and I’ve tested it on both human and CPU. I just happened to do a vs. CPU video first but will do another one vs human opponent.

Here are some frame-by-frame shots:



have you tried it with other assists? like the super feeze of CD will make any assist unblockable?

thats interesting


I’ve gotten to work with tron’s proj and juggy’s ground assist a few times.

If you notice, the super-freeze doesn’t do anything because the unblockable hits afterwards.

My theory is, if you look at the 3rd screen shot, you can see shuma touching the ankle of cable. If you look at screenshot 1-cable is blocking, but in screenshot 2-his guard drops, where as he’d still be auto-blocking spirals attacks. Since shuma’s grab will hit a character of block/hitstun, it “forces” them to stop blocking in order to take the hit. I think shuma’s grab is a hit + throw, since it can be combo’d into. With spiral assist and the shuma at the right distance the tentacle hits cable, forcing the opponent to stop blocking but there is a bit of pushback and the assist is able to hit or the assist itself cancels out the grab because it hits multiple times.


tat shit doesnt even make sense, i question everything i thought i knew about the art of UB.


Yeah, it looks like a mini guard break. There are guard breaks that are still being discovered, with all characters. Ive also used this combo to execute his chaos. The best way to execute this, is to attack low, since most players are standing guard oriented.
Another thing, with spiral, she has somewhat of the same effects. In the air: If you transform, and have swords, just do the circle swordplay, and wait for them to leave. Once they drop, grab em…Im not sure if its automatic it will connect, but Ive connected it everytime Ive performed it. Do you think its a guard break, or its just a coincidence?


Shuma’s Lvl 3 grab and Spiral’s Lvl 3 grab have completely different properties.

Spiral can only grab an opponent if they’re not in hit stun or block stun. So, you cannot combo into the super (to where it shows on the combo meter) and you can not grab them if an assist is hitting them.

Shuma’s super, however, is a bit more unique as it allows you both grab an opponent out of hit stun. You can actually combo into the super. Or you can grab an opponent out of an assist. If you have an opponent pinned down with doom’s rocks, you can just walk up and grab them.

The unique thing about this video is that, CD is already an unblockable but it’s unique properties allows an assist that is being blocked, become unblockable as well.


I didnt mean that they were the same, I meant if a character is locked down, you have a higher chance of grabbing them. I was actually addressing the g-break issues. When you attack with her circling swords in the air while theyre blocking, its possibe to break the guard after finishing the move. And even if they do block, theyre kinda high up, so they cant assist, so its more likely they’ll get grabbed. Calm…


You didn’t address any guard break issues - Guard breaks occur when someone is in a normal jump state. The shuma unblockable has nothing to do with guard breaking nor does spiral’s lvl 3 grab outta blockstun which works wether they are standing, nj’ing or sj 'ing.


I mentioned the circling swords in the air while theyre blocking? When they release their guard in a normal jump, of course it breaks. I was exploring the sj. variety of the circling swords, and the possiblity of them g-breaked. I dont think its possible, but theres always exploring factors.


^guard break works at nj only because you only get to block once, in sj you can block all day so no guard break.

sorry no new info added to this mystery just seeing if there were any new developments