Shuma's infinite

Anybody remember what it is exactly?

So… does anyone know?


I’ll post it if Thongboy starts playing Marvel.

I’ll play Marvel if you post it.


I already told you over AIM, so do I still have to post it to get you to play Marvel?

Don’t be an arse, other people need to know too.

N - Besides, I think I may have forgotten already.

Alrighty then:

In-corner: launch, sj.lp,, sj.up + hp, as the opponent and you are still falling, up + hp again, land, then [, j.up + hp]. Repeat what’s in the brackets.

I can’t land before the opponent does on the second rejump. What’s going on here?

N - I’m gonna play IM/Strider/Doom anyway.


i think shuma’s lk has extensive hit stun alot like sent’s normals

i can’t really get it to work yet but maybe try waiting longer before doing the up + hp

(i’ve done 4 reps max so far i think it might just be a infinite)

i`ve had the same result?..but other then that i think he is one of the best(if you know what you are doing!)in the game

Anyone gotten this infinite to work consistently? I’m having trouble getting more than 3 reps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try repeating this:
[lp mk, LIL PAUSE,lp, u+HP]
Same Setup…
Hard as Hell… But possible

similar to iron man’s?


No, it is VERY different. Just too hard…

Ok, I doubt anyone is going to see this post, but I’ll try anyway:

I think this guy [media=youtube]52Qd3ozLews[/media]
is using lp lk lp hp, but I can never combo the second lp, and I’ve tried all sorts of pauses. This is my set up:, mk launch, /\ lp mp u.fp, u.fp (landing) [lp lk lp u.fp]
but I can only do the first two hits in the brackets.

Anyone care enough about MVC2 or Shuma to help me out here? I’ve been at this for an hour now.

Edit: Until anyone can explain this to me, I’m stuck with only, mk launch, /\ lp mp u.fp, u.fp (landing) j.u.hp

It’s really a difficult infinite to do, but it goes like this. j.lp, (pause until spin is over), j.lp, j. u.hp …hope that helps. Much luv!


Thank you! Now I can do the second lp then hp, but they still fall too fast to continue

I’m also doing it on cable, like the guy in the vid.

If I remember correctly there may be a slight pause between the second j.lp and the j.u.hp to correct the distance problem. Right as you lift off of the ground for the second time, start the j.lp, sequence and that should also make up for some distance problems. Hope that helps…much luv!


Shit, no wonder I haven’t seen this in a real match with SG.

Man This Infy Is A Bitch(Got The Launch Part…But The Juggling Part Wow). But Would Be Too Dope If It Was Pulled Off In A Match