Shumps(happ vs swana/)

jap style sticks are preferred right for shrumps?

or whats your guys take on this.

how would a happ with a heavy spring work?

I think most SHMUP players prefer Seimitsus.

IMO, Japanese sticks are definitely preferred because they have less resistance. So, the questions isn’t, “Happ or Sanwa” its, “Seimitsu or Sanwa”.

Seimitsu sticks are supposesdly quicker because they have a smaller dead zone.

you need short throw joystick >6,5mm
Magnetick joystick
Joystick (4-8 Ways) Spring Action (t-stick)
Suzo universal STC
Suzo Universal Inductive
JLW-TM-8 (but only jap ver. Akihabra or RS2006)
LS40 or LS32 (but it is medium throw, LS40 has faster engage:) but softer spring:( )

forget about Happ stick, do not buy them!

personaly I use Universal Inductive best stick for shmups ever. All electronic joystick they are better for shmups

thanks, ima check into that.

This shmup player uses LS-40 and LS-32

What’s the difference between those two? Next to Streetfighter/KOF I play Touhou games so I’m very interested.

IMO the LS-40 seems tighter and less rugged compared to the LS-32. LS-32 would be my first choice but if I did not have it around at the time, I would be perfectly fine with a LS-40.