Shun Goku Satsu setups?



Aside from punishes, what setups are there to landing the demon? I tried having a training dummy jump and block my Tasky V.shots or Strider’s vajra assists and trying to time demon to hit when they land. It seems when they land, they are never in a state where demon can hit if they’re holding up. Whether it’s impossible or just straight up hard to time, going in for a low attack when they land is a better option anyway.

I even tried using Dorm’s rather useless 3C0D Liberation and trying to see if that was a solid way to land demon (the only real counter, theoretically, being tagging out or trying to fight the demon straight on). Turns out that under 3C0D, with the dummy set to Jump, the demon wouldn’t land - he would just warp into their face with nothing happening.

So far, all I’ve got are dash ins.

Whiff :m: (:l:,:l: during the :m:) :f::f:,:m:,:h:

You can actually get the whole dash in, and can be pretty close assuming the second s.M is canceled before it hits the opponent. You should be hitting s.M, s.H pretty fast anyways. But I’m sure this is nothing new. I tried doing the 3S kara-demon by cancelling his standing overhead, but either I’m not doing it fast enough or it won’t allow a cancel during the start up frames. That probably isn’t worth if even if it worked, anyway.


since it’s a grab hyper, they can jump out if they’re in blockstun, even at point blank range. also, as long as your opponent is holding up before the flash, they’ll avoid it. i’ve been able to get 32 hits from his raging demon even though the bible says it maxes out at 30. has anyone been able to get more?


The Demon isn’t really setup worthy. All you can get after it is another Beam. If it were someone like, say, Haggar or Thor, who get full combos after it, then it’d be worth investigating, but as is, not so much. You essentially burn 4 meters to do a meh amount of damage. There are far easier ways for a setup that involve assists with more utility. It’s a punishing tool, always has been always will be. It’s essentially the anti-safe DHC given it’s large amounts of Invul and it’s status as an unblockable.


Yea, I definitely think it should cause a hard knockdown if they wanna make it worthwhile, cuz at the moment its just not worth it. I mean on one hand, you can spend 3 bars to get 500k+, or you can just go for a regular combo set-up and get like 800k plus while building a bar+. I only ever go for it to punish stupid shit(like a random full screen HSF or something) and for flash.


Teleport canceled into Demon, saved my ass a few times and alot of people forget that shit is hyper cancellable. Still don’t use it much except as a occasional gimmick.


X-factor guard cancel Demon. Free


If you can pull it off, I think you deserve a lot more than however much damage that thing gives you. I try that shit all the time and its just not a very natural input.


Speaking os stupid hard, timing Demon to hit during a Teleport inbetween the first and second Drone of Sent assist, leaves enough of a gap for SGS to connect but it’s hard to time till you get used to it.


I don’t even… that sounds astoundingly difficult. Plus you also have to take your positioning into consideration amirite?


It’s really not to hard if you do it between the first and the second, doing it between the second and third is tough. And yeah you have to take distance into account.


this works for characters without air dash or double jumps.
on incoming, time the character so while inputting the command, the trick is to only have the light punch come out. the light punch will force them to block and upon landing, eat the raging demon.
another one i like to do is in the middle of the block string, if they advancing guard, i do light tatsu into raging demon. works sometimes, but most of the time the opponents keep chicken blocking


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/62765/ddranimestyle">ddranimestyle</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>[…] I tried doing the 3S kara-demon by cancelling his standing overhead, but either I’m not doing it fast enough or it won’t allow a cancel during the start up frames. That probably isn’t worth if even if it worked, anyway.</div>

It’s definitely possible to kara-Demon like in 3S; but, like you said, it’s not really worth it, unless you can set it up and execute it consistently (which is a lot harder in a game like Marvel). <br><br>However, there are some other set-ups you can use. If you do cr.L, then buffer another cr.L and then f.M before the first button finishes, you’ll cancel the cr.L into the overhead and then you can just press H to cancel it in to a Demon (this is essentially a tick Demon). I really like this setup because you can use the start-up frames of the sloverhead to confirm whether or not the opponent blocked or got hit by the cr.L and react accordingly. It also adds to Akuma’s meta-game since your opponent has a reason to chicken block you up close and you can punish them for it.<br><br>One <i>really</i> gimmicky set-up is to whiff a f.H after a sweep in a combo with high hitstun decay. The sweep helps make sure they’re close to the ground, the HSD makes them recover fast, and the f.H lets you cancel in to Demon.<br><br>Also, I’m pretty sure Ammy assist + Demon is a free guardbreak on incoming. <br>


Idkif this is coming sense but after connecting a standing medium you can buffer the raging demon and it connects I tried it even if the opponent block the Standing medium and advance blocks he’ll eat the demon


if the opponent blocks or get hits beforehand, all he’ll have to do is hold up in order to escape raging demon.