Shunned Hellgirl

I submitted this for the artxilla Hellgirl contest but missed the deadline by 5 minutes! Oh well :frowning: HELLGIRLY

good colours and expression, but to be honest, besides the boobs it looks like a guy. good picture though.

Thanks for the crit! Yeah, everyone else was drawing “sexy pretty” hellgirls so I went for something a little less… feminine. :lol:

Thanks again!

Holy Hellboy, that’s nice.

I think it’s pretty evident it’s Hellgirly and not Hellboy. The lips and the hair go towards that, and she’s certainly much smaller and feminine than Hellboy, which is all that matters, really.

It could be made a bit more obvious by showing off her form, but the pose and her “costume” make it hard - can’t fault you for that though.

The pose kicks ass too.

I think you got the right hand of doom and the gun pretty spot on, but they could have been improved witch some more structure. The arm doesn’t seem to be completely aligned, and there’s this weird perspective for the sight on the gun.

But if this is you rushing…then, WOW. What else you got? Your gallery at deviantART is empty.

I also love the colours. And keeping that one horn on was a pretty neat idea, gives it a nice signature difference from the original.

Hey, thanks for the crit! Yeah, I was rushing pretty hard with this pic. From concept to finish during the last day, I started at around 10:35pm and finished at about 12:05am, 5 minutes past the deadline! :wasted:
Looking back at it, I did make a few mistakes and I really could’ve done better if I wasn’t such a slacker!:lol:
Oh well, no use crying about it now. The next contest is design the 5th mutant ninja turtle and I plan to take my time with this one.

Sorry for my lack of a deviant art gallery, but I made an account specifically for the contest. I plan on posting more artwork in the coming weeks.