Shutdown Ov3rheadGreg channel?

His video’s and his channel are not available. Please confirm if you can’t see his replay’s anymore.

what came up when i went to his channel:
[LEFT]YouTube account Ov3rheadGreg has been terminated because we have received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants, including:[/LEFT]


Same here.

This is horrible. Can’t believe it.

Probably from those Topanga vids he uploaded. Don’t know why he would do that if he didn’t have permission.

The claimant is 株式会社ドワンゴ. After checking, it shown it was from a company called Dwango which I believe is the production company behind the Topanga league.

Dwango = niconico video’s company.

Sucks =/

But why’d they take down the WHOLE channel? Why not just the Topanga vids? :frowning:

Three copyright offenses equals channel gone. At least, that’s what happened to my old channel. And they are retro-active too. I had one copyright claim, and a bunch of old combo vids with copyrighted music that were fine for years. Some of them would flip-flop between disabled and enabled audio, or just wouldn’t be available in some territories, as the copyright holders changed their stance and such.Then recently got hit with two more offenses on a couple of vids I had up for five some years, and my channel was gone.

News: Greg informed ShinAkuma he will start a new channel soon.

Still, a big part of the replay’s went down the drain. Man, why couldn’t they simply delete the videos that were a problem towards copyright? Not really subtle huh?